Thought Leadership Series

Thought Leadership Series

The UQ Business School Thought Leadership Series showcases academic research by delivering practical real-world advice relevant to people across all levels of an organisation.

Thought leadership presented by Professor Tyler OkimotoOur Thought Leadership Series has concluded for 2017 however we're excited to be bringing the series back in 2018. 

In partnership with KPMG, the three key topics for our 2017 series included:

1. Human Resources – resolving conflict in the workplace; 

2. Marketing – marketing through virtual reality; and

3. Information Technology – cybersecurity


What our guests are saying

Thought Leadership Series

"Practical concepts with clear visual demonstrations, the panel was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share their experiences." Daisy, Senior Analyst

"Dynamic, current, succinct." Julie, Director 

"Great to see academics with real life experiences to share." Rebecca, Principal Consultant 

Thought Leadership Series"Both presenters were very engaging, and it was a great topic to cover. Very relevant to current business practices." Laura, Deputy Manager 

"Enjoyable presentation, lively with some humour despite the seriousness of the topic." Thomas, IT Consultant 


Thought leadership series presented by Professor Nicole Hartley

Proudly presented in partnership with: 


UQ Business School




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