Professor Neal Ashkanasy OAM
Neal Ashkanasy
  • PhD, Social/Org. Psychology (The University of Queensland)
  • BA (Hons 1), Psychology (The University of Queensland)
  • DipComSci, Computer Science (The University of Queensland)
  • MEngSc, Water Engineering (University of NSW)
  • BE, Civil Engineering (Monash University)
+61 7 334 68006
Room 316, Colin Clark Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Neal M. Ashkanasy OAM, PhD is a Professor of Management at the UQ Business School at the University of Queensland in Australia. He came to academe in after an 18-year career in water resources engineering. He received his PhD in social/organizational psychology from the same university. His research is in leadership, organizational culture, ethics, and emotions in organizations, and his work has been published in leading journals including the Academy of Management Journal and Review, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, and the Journal of Applied Psychology. He is Associate Editor for Emotion Review and Series Co-Editor of Research on Emotion in Organizations. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Organizational Behavior and Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Review and Academy of Management Learning and Education. Prof. Ashkanasy is a Fellow of the Academy for the Social Sciences in the UK (AcSS) and Australia (ASSA); the Association for Psychological Science (APS); the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP); Southern Management Association (SMA), and the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences (QAAS). In 2017, he was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia.

    Research interests

    Emotions at work
    This is currently the principal focus of my research. The area of emotions in the workplace is rapidly gaining wide recognition in organisational research. Several PhD students are working in this area at present, funded through various ARC projects. In addition, I established the e-mail discussion group ‘Emonet’ which includes among its members the leading researchers in this field, and is affiliated with the (US-based) Academy of Management. I am also organizer of international “Conferences on Emotions and Organizational Life” (San Diego, August, 1998; Toronto, August, 2000; Gold Coast, 2002; London, 2004; Atlanta, 2006). Three books, based principally on the proceedings of the conferences, have been published by Quorum Books, M.E. Sharpe, and Lawrence Erlbaum respectively, and an annual series of books, published by Elsevier/JAI Press, commenced in 2005. A major article, entitled, “Emotions in organizations: A multilevel perspective” was published in 2003 in the Elsevier/JAI Press Series Research in Multilevel Issues (F. Dansereau and F. Yammarino, Eds.). Recent publications are in the Academy of Management Executive, the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of Management, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the Leadership Quarterly, and Human Resources Management Review.
    Ethics in organizational behaviour
    Like emotions, ethics in the organisational context is gaining increasing recognition as an important field of research. Projects include an ARC study with former PhD student Dr. Carolyn Windsor (Griffith University) and Dr. Linda Treviño (Pennsylvania State University), recently published in Business Ethics Quarterly. Other publications on this topic have appeared in Accounting, Organizations and Society, Behavioral Research in Accounting, Research on Accounting Ethics, and the Journal of Business Ethics.
    Leadership and leader-member relationships
    Following on from my doctoral research program, I have maintained an interest in the factors affecting relationships between organisational supervisors and their subordinates. These interests cover two areas:- (a) Attribution theory. Research in this area has included a study of basic attribution processes, looking at the way people make attributions for their own and others’ performance, studies of attributions for leader behaviour, and cross-cultural field data on leader attributions for subordinate performance outcomes. Articles based on this research have appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, and the Journal of Social Psychology, the Leadership Quarterly, and the Australian Psychologist. (b) Leader-member exchange theory. The more recent focus of this research is on the role of emotions and values in leader-member relationships. This work has been published in the Journal of Social Psychology and the Leadership Quarterly.
    Organisational culture
    There are two principal foci for this research, as follows: (a) Organisational change and mergers. Several studies have been completed in this respect, examining culture changes in accounting firms, academic institutions, and government agencies. Papers describing these studies have been published in Accounting, Organizations and Society, Australian Academic Research Libraries, and the British Journal of Management. An article (with former doctoral student, Dr. Marie Kavanagh) was also published in the Elsevier Science/JAI Press book, Advanced on Mergers and Acquisitions. (b) International organisational culture. Funded in part by the ARC, this research includes cross-cultural studies as a part of the international Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) project ( and development and validation of a new measure of organisational culture. Reports of this research have appeared in the Journal of World Business and Asia-Pacific Journal of Management. I was also co-author of the ‘Future Orientation’ chapter in the main GLOBE book, published by Sage. Associated activities include founding and administering the ‘Orgcult’ e-mail discussion list, sponsored by the US Academy of Management; and co-authorship (with Drs. Mark Peterson, Florida Atlantic University; and Celeste Wilderom, University of Twente) of the Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate.


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    • Fellow, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, Australia (2010-date)
    • Fellow, Association for Psychological Science†, US (2009-date)
    • Fellow, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Aust./NZ (2008-date)
    • Fellow, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, US (2006-date)
    • Fellow, Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences, Australia (2005-date )
    • Member, International Association for Applied Psychology, International (2005-date)
    • Member, Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, US (2005-date)
    • Member, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, US (2003-2005)
    • Member, International Society for Research in Emotions, International (2002-date)
    • Member, Society for Organisational Behaviour, Australia, Australia (2002-date)
    • Member, International Association for Chinese Mgmt. Research, US/China (2001-date)
    • Member, Association for Psychological Science†, US (2000-2008)
    • Member, Southern Management Association, US (1999-date)
    • Member, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Aust./NZ (1997-2007)
    • Member, College of Organisational Psychologists, Australia (1995-date)
    • Member, Society of Australasian Social Psychologists, Aust./NZ (1995-2007)
    • Member, Australian Human Resources Institute, Australia (1994-date)
    • Member, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, US (1994-date)
    • Member, Academy of Management, US (1991-date)
    • Foreign Affiliate, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, US (1991-2002)
    • Member, Australian Psychological Society, Australia (1990-date)
    • Fellow, Churchill Fellows Association of Queensland, Australia (1975-date)
    • Member, Australian Computer Society, Australia (1972-1997)
    • Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia, Australia (1971-1997)


    Academic Paper / Book Awards / Nominations:
    Best Paper, Leadership Track and Overall, 19th Annual Meeting of ANZAM, 2005.
    Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management Executive, 2002.
    Nominee, Terry Book Award (Academy of Management), 2001.
    Choice Outstanding Academic Title (American Library Association), 2001.
    Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2000.
    Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 1998.
    Best Reviewer Awards:
    Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management
    Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, Academy of Management
    Journal of Management
    Academy of Management Journal,
    Academy of Management Review
    Academy of Management Learning and Education
    Editorial Appointments
    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Organizational Behavior
    Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review
    Associate Editor, Emotion Review
    Series Editor, Research on Emotion in Organizations
    Editorial Board Member for Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Learning and Education, International Journal of Work, Organisation and Emotion, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Management and Organization Review, Personality and Individual Differences, SIOP Organizational Frontiers Book Series, SIOP Professional Practice Book Series.
    Prizes and Fellowships:
    Elton Mayo Award for Teaching and Research (Australian Psychological Society)
    Who’s Who in Australia
    Fellow, Academy for the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA)
    ANZAM Distinguished Member (Fellow)
    Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (US)
    Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (US)
    Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2005-
    Scott M Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)
    Churchill Fellow (Water resources engineering)

    Major research grants

    Title Agency Year Amount
    Emotional Intelligence: A Pre-emptive Approach to Stress Management Commonwealth Department of Defence 2015-2017 $80,158
    'Employee wellbeing and productivity: The role of territoriality, conflict and emotions' (with Professor Karen A. Jehn, Dr Oluremi B. Ayoko and Professor Christopher W. Clegg). ARC Discovery 2011-2013 $245,000
    The contribution of project leader behaviours to processes and uotcomes in large scale projects (with A. Pisarski, P. Jordan, A. Chang, R. Zolin, C. Hatcher and M. Capelli) Australian Research Council 2009-2011 $445,000
    The role of organisational events and emotions in strategic decision-making (with C. Härtel). Australian Research Council 2007-2009 $236,000
    Emotional reactions to job insecurity, emotional intelligence, and their effects on employee behaviour (with P. Jordan). Australian Research Council 2004-2006 $210,000
    Improving Team Performance: The role of emotional intelligence in team training (with P. Jordan). Australian Research Council 2003-2005 $105,000
    Testing a multi-level theory of emotion in organisations (with H. Weiss). Australian Research Council 2003-2005 $131,000
    Leadership paper (with M. Dasborough). Canadian Forces Leadership Institute 2003 $16,148
    Antecedents of innovation vs. conservatism in rural industries and communities. Australian Research Council 2002 $68,000
    Affective events in the workplace: Extensions, empirical tests, and an intervention (with C. Härtel, C. Fisher, and C. Nobel). Australian Research Council 2001-2003 $172,000
    Personal and organizational factors affecting managers’ ethical decision-making. Australian Research Council 1999 $13,981
    An investigation of the causes and consequences of emotional experience at work. Australian Research Council 1998-2000 $184,000
    Participation in the GLOBE cross-cultural study of leadership and organisational culture. University of Queensland Quality Grant 1996 $14,000
    Validation of an organisational culture scale. Australian Research Council 1996 $14,500
    Attributional style and social problem solving skills Graduate School of Management, University of Queensland 1995 $3,000
    Emotional expression in leader-member exchange Commerce Department, University of Queensland 1992-1994 $3,000
    Field study of supervisors’ responses to subordinate performance Faculty of Management, University of Calgary 1991 Undisclosed
    University of Queensland Special Project Grant Organisational culture in accounting Organisations 1991 $7,000