Dr Lance Newey
Lance Newey
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • PhD, Management (The University of Queensland)
  • BBus (Hons 1st class), Management (Queensland University of Technology)
+61 7 334 68161
Room 516, Joyce Ackroyd Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Lance is driven to see business schools produce graduates who are skilled in a blended value approach to getting business to contribute its maximum to society. This involves research and teaching based on understanding different types of businesses (eg. profit-maximizing, social enterprises) and creating different blends of value (financial, social, environmental). Lance believes societies do better when they promote a mix of these different businesses and foster the skills among graduates to provide a strong supply. To help achieve these aims Lance pioneered the Social Entrepreneurship in Practice course at UQBS. This hands-on course challenges students to have to design, execute and incubate their own social enterprise with measurable social and financially sustainable impact. The course is informed by Lance’s global wellbeing research agenda which puts students on the leading edge of an expanded vision for business in the 21st century.

    Research interests

    Entrepreneurship & global wellbeing
    Lance’s research is focused on understanding how entrepreneurship can contribute to global wellbeing. Two levels of analysis are the main focus within this research trajectory: 1) global and 2) community. Within the global research stream, Lance’s research priorities include: 1) the development of a global wellbeing scale and measurement of global system performance in terms of wellbeing, 2) understanding alternative models of political, economic and social globalization and their relationship to wellbeing, 3) critiques of the capitalist model through a world systems perspective and 4) understanding opportunities for firm and institutional entrepreneurship in transforming the global system.

    At the community level, Lance has pioneered the “Entrepreneurship for Community Wellbeing” program. This is an experimental program which seeks to strategically develop entrepreneurship within communities towards achieving wellbeing outcomes. The research focuses on answering how can business and community development initiatives combine to improve community wellbeing? This program currently targets low wellbeing communities in Latin America and works with local NGO’s and education institutions to implement entrepreneurship and community development initiatives with locals for the purpose of seeking measurable positive differences to these communities’ wellbeing. The program represents a grassroots attempt to study how business and society may benefit from a wellbeing perspective.


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    • Product Development Management Association


    UQ Business School Award for Teaching Excellence (Undergraduate) (2006)
    Queensland University of Technology Medal (2001)