Associate Professor Jay Weerawardena
Jay Weerawardena
Associate Professor of Marketing
  • PhD (Griffith University)
  • SEM courses (ACSPRI)
  • MBA (Postgraduate Institute of Management, Sri Lanka)
  • Postgrad Dip, Personal Management (National Institute of Business Management)
  • BEc Hons, Economics (University of Sri Lanka)
+61 7 334 68093
Room 412, Colin Clark Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Jay Weerawardena’s primary research area is dynamic capabilities and organisational innovation-based competitive strategy. Over the last decade he has expanded this focus into other related areas, namely, new service development, born global firm internationalization, social entrepreneurship and social innovation and high-tech marketing. Jay has extensively published in international journals including Journal of World Business, Journal of Public Policy and marketing, International Marketing Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Strategic Marketing, European Journal of Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management. Jay’s work with Gillian Sullivan Mort, [Professor of Marketing at La Trobe University], in social entrepreneurship, innovation and social value creation is internationally recognized and has made a notable impact in this field of research. Their paper titled ‘social entrepreneurship: A multi-dimensional model’ (2006) was cited in the Journal of World Business (JWB) as one of the 25 ScienceDirect hottest articles in 2010. This paper, along with two other papers have been cited as most downloaded in the JWB website. Jay has co-edited several special issues of internally reputed journals which include the Industrial Marketing Management special issue on ‘capabilities, innovation and competitive advantage’ (2011), Journal of World Business Special issue (2007) on the accelerated internationalization of born global firms and the International Journal of Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Marketing on non-profit competitive strategy (2008). Jay has undertaken leadership roles in regional and international conferences. For several consecutive years he chaired the ‘entrepreneurship, innovation and new product development’ track at the Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) conference and undertaken track and session chair roles in international conferences such as AMS World Marketing Congress and Academy of Management Conference.

    Research interests

    Dynamic capabilities and the internationalisation of born-global firms
    I was the team leader of this three year project which was funded by a prestigious large ARC Discovery Grant (2005). This joint project with the Florida State University, USA in its first stage (qualitative phase) examined how dynamic capabilities of born global are built nurtured by their internationally entrepreneurial founders. In the second stage (mail survey) a cross national study of Australian and US born global firms was undertaken to examine cross-national differences in dynamic capabilities, their impact on the accelerated internationalization and large versus small market effects on firm early internationalization. Several conference papers and a journal article in the JWB special issue have been published. A paper based on the findings of this project was presented at a state-of-the-art session in born global firm internationalization at the AIB 2011 Conference, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
    Entrepreneurship and innovation-based competitive strategy
    My doctoral study examined the role of entrepreneurship and learning capabilities in organizational innovation-based competitive strategy. A large number of conference papers have been published from the research findings and journal articles have been published in Journal of Business Research (2006) European Journal of Marketing (2003), Journal of Strategic Marketing (2003) International Marketing Review (2006) and Industrial Marketing Management (2004). In 2011 I co-edited a special issue on ‘Capabilities, Innovation and Competitive Advantage’ in Industrial Marketing Management journal. Currently I have a doctoral study examining the role of dynamic capabilities in HR innovation-based competitive strategy.
    High-tech and Entrepreneurial Marketing
    This research stream examines the challenges faced by high-tech start-up firms in reaching viable market segments; popularly known as ‘cross the chasm’ and role of entrepreneurial market development strategies in that process. Our 2012 European Journal of Marketing paper which reports the findings based on both high-tech and low-tech firms in our ARC Discovery project suggests that the ‘chasm’ is common to many resource constrained start-up firms. Our findings suggest that start-up have to adapt entrepreneurial marketing strategies to cross the chasm. I have actively contributed to the annual symposium in this search area pioneered by Professor Jerry Hill of University Illinois at Chicago. At the ANZMAC Conference 2006, I chaired a special topic session on entrepreneurial marketing which was well attended. Currently I have a doctoral study under my supervision that examines the market development strategies adopted by high-tech start-ups in India.
    New service development (NSD)-based competitive strategy
    Collaborative research in new service development with Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy (UQ Business School) and Dr Sandeep Salunke (Queensland University of Technology) has been very productive. In 2001 my conceptual paper (with Janet McColl-Kenedy) won the best paper runner-up award at the American Marketing Association's Services Special Group Conference, Sydney.. A subsequent doctoral study examined the role of dynamic capabilities in service innovation-based competitive strategy in project-oriented service firms. From this study two papers have been published in JBR and IMM.
    Social entrepreneurship, innovation and social value creation
    This collaborative research with Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort, funded by a UQ Development Grant in 2003 has been very productive. It has resulted in a trilogy of papers examining different strategic aspects of social purpose organizations. These papers are; ‘Social entrepreneurship and non-profit competitive strategy: Innovation and differentiation’, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing (2012) Sustainability of non-profit organizations: An empirical investigation Journal of World Business, (2010) and ‘Investigating Social Entrepreneurship: A Multidimensional Model’ Journal of World Business (2006). At the recent Social Entrepreneurship research colloquium held at the Said Business School, Oxford University I presented a plenary session on ‘Advancing Social Entrepreneurship research: Towards a mid-range theory’.


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    • Member, Academy of Marketing Science, USA
    • Member, American Marketing Association, USA (MAMA)
    • Member, Academy of Management, USA
    • Associate Member, Australian Marketing Institute (AMAMI)
    • Member, Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand (SEAANZ)
    • Member, Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)
    • Member, Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC)
    • Editorial Board, Industrial Marketing Management
    • Editorial Board, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
    • Editorial Board, Non-profit and Public Sector Marketing
    • Editorial Board, International Journal of Learning and Change
    • Editorial Board, International Journal of Knowledge and Learning

    Major research grants

    Title Agency Year Amount
    'Examining the role of service innovation and service branding capabilities in services firms value creation and appropriation: A multi-level study' (with Professor Aron O'Cass, Dr Liem V. Ngo, Associate Professor Debra A. Grace and professor Dr Michael Song). ARC Discovery 2011-2012 $145,000
    ‘An inquiry into the success factors of 'born global' enterprises that were initiated in Australia’ Professor Peter Liesch, Dr Jay Weerawardena, Dr Stuart Middleton and Dr Matthew Steen (ABF). UQ Business School & Australian Business Foundation 2007 $40,000
    ‘The role of dynamic capabilities in the accelerated internationalization of born global firms’ (with Professor Peter Liesch, Professor Gillian Sullivan Mort and Associate Professor Gary Knight, Florida State University, USA. ARC Discovery 2005-2009 Undisclosed
    Discovery Grant Australian Research Council 2004 $160,000
    Social entrepreneurship and non-profit organization competitive strategy with Dr Gillian Sullivan Mort UQ 2003-2004 Undisclosed