Management is one of seven different areas of excellence for research and consulting at UQ Business School. The School is renowned internationally for its research work. It is one of the top three business schools in the country for management research and is classed as well above world standard in the Australian government’s ERA assessment.

Leadership and Change Management

This area focuses on:

  • leadership models, identity, styles and development;
  • women in leadership;
  • the role of emotions in leadership and followership;
  • work stress and coping;
  • creativity and innovation;
  • models for effective change including consideration of mergers and acquisitions;
  • crisis management and risk communication;
  • interpersonal and intergroup communication;
  • organisational culture;
  • organisational reputation;
  • organisational failure;
  • features of leading and change in public sector management including public policy, intergovernmental relations, and local government.

Human Resource Management and Organisational Development

This area focuses on:

  • competencies for effective HRM in local and cross-cultural contexts in both the public and private sectors;
  • implementation of SHRM;
  • workplace discourses;
  • careers;
  • integration of migrant workers;
  • employment relations;
  • knowledge in organisations;
  • managing inter and intra group dynamics and conflict.

Corporate Social Performance

This area focuses on:

  • wisdom, ethics in action, trust and trust repair;
  • justice and justice restoration;
  • equity and diversity management;
  • business-government relations;
  • promoting corporate social responsibility.

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