Information for new postgraduate students

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Welcome to the July 2017 orientation. The following outlines some important information that is specific to your postgraduate studies at UQ.

1. UQ Business School Academic Advising Session (compulsory)

This session provided information on your program, how to select and enrol in courses, what you can expect as a student in UQ Business School and information from our BEL Student Employability Team (SET).

You can view the PowerPoint slides presented at the session for reference.

Useful information for new students is available here

2. Study Plans

Students with a plan succeed. These study plans have been specifically designed for you to ensure you complete the correct courses. Please download your program study plan from the list below and enrol in those courses. If you have any questions regarding your study plan please contact us.

Graduate Certificate in Business (GCBus)
Master of Business (1.5 years program) (MBus#24)
Master of Business (2 years program) (MBus#32)

Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCCom)
Master of Commerce (1.5 years program) (MCom#24)
Master of Commerce (2 years program) (MCom#32)

Graduate Certificate in Project Management (GCPM)
Master of Project Management (MPM)

Graduate Certificate in Technology, Innovation and Management (GCTIM)
Master of Technology and Innovation Management (MTIM)

Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management (GCTHEM)
Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management (1.5 years program) (MTHEM#24)
Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management (2 years program) (MTHEM#32)

Master of Tourism Leadership (MTLEAD)

3. Postgraduate Skills Workshops

UQ Business School provides valuable workshops designed to further develop your presentation and writing skills. These workshops are held at the beginning of each semester for new postgraduate students.

The presentation skills workshop is compulsory for new postgraduate students and will equip you with the confidence you need for public speaking, presenting in groups and engagement situations.

The postgraduate writing skills workshop will provide you with the skills you need to enhance your academic essays, reports and reflective writing techniques throughout your studies. This workshop is strongly recommended for new postgraduate students. 

To register for these workshops please see the event page.

4. Important Dates

Please make sure that you are aware of and follow these important dates throughout your studies at UQ each semester. To view these important dates please click here.

5. mySI-net

mySI-net is your student information management system.  SI-net can be used to enrol in courses; view class timetables; sign-in to classes; withdraw from courses; change programs and a range of other tasks.

Click here to view the SI-net video demonstration on how to sign onto your classes.

6. UQ Library Training sessions

The UQ Library runs training sessions covering:

  • Getting started in the Library, to finding information for your assignments, to finding special information; and
  • Short online tutorials are also available to find out about the UQ Library, how to search for books, journals and other materials for your courses.

7. Student Services Learning Workshops

UQ Student Services offers free workshops to students, and can help enrich your study skills and set yourself up for academic success.

Please ensure you register your attendance to these Learning workshops.

8. English Language training for international students

UQ Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education offers regular English for Academic Communication (EAC) Programs. These are offered each UQ semester at no additional cost to all UQ postgraduate students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Students can choose the course streams and days that suit their needs.

Please ensure you register your attendance for these EAC programs.

9. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

It is the University's task to encourage ethical scholarship and to inform students and staff about the institutional standards of academic behaviour expected of them in learning, teaching and research. Students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their work. Students must not cheat in examinations or other forms of assessment and must ensure that they do not plagiarise.

To assist in your academic success at UQ, you will be required to complete the compulsory Academic Integrity Online Tutorial, which explains expectations in relation to academic integrity, and to ensure that you do not engage in practices that involve plagiarism and academic misconduct.

The tutorial is available online and a link to the tutorial website will be displayed when you log into mySI-net.

UQ Policy on plagiarism

You are encouraged to read the UQ Academic integrity and plagiarism policy which makes a comprehensive statement about the University's approach to plagiarism, the consequences and the principles associated with preventing plagiarism.

For further information on plagiarism, academic integrity and misconduct, please see the support services available to you.

10. Resource and Support Services Available

There are a number of support services available we encourage students to use.

Internal Support Services:

Academic Administration Advisors – UQ Business School has a dedicated team of Postgraduate Student Liaison Officers to assist you in planning your postgraduate studies.  Each Student Liaison officer advises a set cohort of students (by student surname) across all Masters programs, and will be able to assist with: enrolment plans; applications for credit/exemptions; graduation eligibility; student exchange programs; learning agreements; and any other enrolment issues.

To make an appointment with your Postgraduate Student Liaison Officer, please contact UQ Business School on: (07) 3346-8100 or email your enquiry to info@business.uq.edu.au

Before meeting your Postgraduate Student Liaison Officer, it is expected that you have read your program and plan information.

UQ Student Services which includes:

New2UQ – Information for domestic and international students to get started and make connections

Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty Student Employability Team – Our team dedicated to assisting students to increase their employability, access opportunities, and manage their careers.

UQ Advantage Office – For information on Student Life and Leadership; Careers; Global Study; Financial Support; and other Practical Experiences available to students

Virtual Tours - St Lucia Campus

Interactive Online Workshops

External Support Services:

ReachOut – ReachOut.com is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service

Beyond Blue – Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health

Open Minds – Open Minds works with people to enhance mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Association (Queensland)


Happiness Institute – This blog applies the principles of positive psychology, and tips on how to get and stay happy!

11. Respect DVD

UQ strongly promotes an environment of respect and equality for every individual. This link will provide UQ’s expectations on appropriate behaviour and your obligations as a student under the Student Charter. The RESPECT dvd will provide you with different modules that will demonstrate your rights and responsibilities, and where to seek assistance.