Business Information Systems

Business information systems is one of seven different areas of excellence for research and consulting at UQ Business School. The School is renowned internationally for its research work and is classed as well above world standard in all areas in the Australian government’s ERA assessment.

Individual and Behavioural Information Systems

This research area investigates the impact on, and use by, individuals of IS (Information Systems). It includes behavioural aspects such as intention to adopt, intention to use, and intention to innovate.

Examples of current research projects in this area include:

  • engendering trust within social media networks;
  • deskilling effects of intelligent decision aids on IS auditors;
  • determinants of ability to innovate in the use of generalised audit software.

Organisational Information Systems

This area focuses on the impact of IS at the organisational level. It assesses organisational-level data gathered from the senior management (CEO, CIO, CFO etc.) level and board level of organisations.

Examples of current research projects in this area include:

  • the impact of social mechanisms on team performance for agile software development teams;
  • the impact of data quality for Standardised Business Reporting (SBR);
  • IT governance.

IT Artefact Research

This research area covers the design and engineering of IT artefacts. IT artefacts can cover not just systems but objects such as models and methods. Projects in the research area typically follow a design science methodological approach.

Examples of current research projects in this area include:

  • the development of an industry-relevant domain ontology for compliance management;
  • a design science approach to representation of business rules in graphical process models;
  • the development of mobile personalised and adaptive eLearning systems.

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