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2014 Honours Handbook
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UQ Business School offers three world class honours programs, the Bachelor of Business Management (Honours), the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and the Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management (Honours).

The honours program is an optional fourth year of study for high-achieving students.

An honours year helps you expand your knowledge in a particular area of study in business, and makes you more distinctive around the skills you can offer to potential employers.

As an honours student, you will find yourself in a stimulating environment. You will have the benefits of small classes and highly interactive discussions with fellow students and lecturers. You get to know your fellow students and your lecturers in a way that is not possible in undergraduate classes.

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Honours Alumni

UQ Business School Honours - Clint Feuerherdt UQ Business School Honours - Peter Dunn UQ Business School Honours - Prue Mackenzie

Honours Students

3 Minute Thesis (3MT) 2012 - Teegan Green 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) 2012 - Jemma King


An honours degree signals to potential employers that you are someone with exceptional ability and superior skills. Many employers actively recruit honours graduates and they are often rewarded with higher salaries and experience more accelerated careers.

There are excellent career opportunities in investment banks, private equity firms and other financial services organisations, in management and business consulting, research organisations and government agencies. Overseas organisations also recruit our honours students.

The honours program also provides a pathway to the PhD.

Financial Assistance

UQ Business School provides assistance to outstanding students undertaking the honours year program in the form of a full fee waiver for domestic students and partial fee waiver for international students.

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