What is Microsoft imagine?

What is Microsoft Imagine?

Microsoft imagine is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes.

Business School's subscription

The Business School currently holds a Microsoft imagine Premium subscription. This was formally known as MSDNAA. It allows the use of Microsoft software for free, but must be used for teaching or research.

Obtaining access

At the beginning of each semester, a list of students enrolled in eligible courses will be uploaded into Microsoft imagine.

Microsoft imagine will email a confirmation to each user's student email address (<studentlogin>@student.uq.edu.au) with Microsoft imagine access details.

Student courses eligible for Microsoft imagine

  • BISM3201
  • BISM3222
  • BISM2202
  • BISM3203
  • BISM3207
  • BISM3208
  • BISM7209
  • BISM7221
  • BISM7233
  • BISM7255
  • BISM7206
  • BISM7208

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