The Wharton GCP for business

The GCP provides companies with benefits that go beyond a standard consulting relationship. Client companies not only have access to the intellectual expertise of the ten executive MBA students (average age of 35), but also the tools, resources, expertise, and alumni networks of two leading business schools along with 30 years of GCP intellectual capital.

GCP clients benefit from traditional consulting benefits...

  • Talented resources addressing key issues
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Strategic and tactical recommendations
  • Tailored deliverables

... but also enjoy these benefits that are unique to the GCP

  • Structured client involvement
  • UQ Business School and Wharton academic involvement
  • University research and database resources and tools
  • An alumni & professional network in the tens of thousands
  • GCP approach and Quality Assurance
  • “Bring Alive” helps to launch implementation
  • 30 years of GCP intellectual capital

To ensure maximum benefit from the project, the company needs to nominate a qualified representative who can liaise directly with the GCP team, initially to provide background information and bring them up to speed quickly, then to participate in periodic videoconference meetings.

The representative(s) will also need to take part in the two formal stages of the project - the presentation of the consulting proposal in January and the final presentation in Philadelphia in May. The company must also be willing to provide sensitive information such as company financials and strategies in other parts of the world.


All staff, students and industry mentors sign confidentiality agreements prior to participating in the project. All materials are retained in a central web based portal on Wharton servers and are deleted or provided to the client at the end of the project.


The Wharton GCP program is first and foremost an academic learning experience for the students. As a consequence, the clients are not charged normal consulting fees or the direct costs of the faculty and academic leadership but instead are charged a fee that covers only the related expenses - travel, student research, and administrative office support.

The only additional cost is travel by company staff to Wharton in Philadelphia to receive the final report and meet potential partners in the US market.

Other Markets

The Wharton GCP has partners in many areas of the world. UQ Business School can also investigate performing projects under the Global Consulting Practicum in other markets. These projects are performed with students from three Business Schools involved and attract a slightly higher fee.

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