Sustainable Business Unit

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The Sustainable Business Unit (SBU) at UQ Business School is a leading group of experts that complete commercially focused research and consultancy projects for partner organisations. The Sustainability Business Unit is part of the commercial activities of UQ Business School.

The Sustainable Business Unit works with a select group of corporate and industry partners from a diverse range of industries. Each partner agrees with the SBU a range of activities that are completed as part of the partnership arrangements. Our specific areas of expertise are corporate adaptation to climate change and social entrepreneurship.

Corporate Adaptation to Climate Change

The Sustainable Business Unit holds a dominant position on thought leadership on climate adaptation. It provides both applied research and consultancy services for business organisations that are committed to working towards a sustainable future, including:

  • Practical responses and change strategies for acting on climate change
  • Briefings on legislative reporting requirements
  • Carbon auditing and audit verification
  • Development and implementation of tools for mapping corporate sustainability and sustainability-oriented culture change

Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship has gained importance in response to the world’s growth in demand for people who can create economic, social and environmental value concurrently and within sustainable business models. The backdrop to this is the recognition that economic globalisation has not been matched by adequate social and political globalisation processes.

Researchers within the Sustainable Business Unit are focusing on th areas of global and community-level social entrepreneurship and provide advice on the following:

  • Conducting social entrepreneurship training workshops
  • Helping communities to understand how to integrate economic and social value


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Related Study Programs

As one of the leading research-intensive business schools in the Asia Pacific region, we focus on understanding that the future to success is not doing more of the same, but ensuring there is change for the better. We offer a range of options for those interested in a sustainability-oriented career.

These include:

Key Staff


Dr Martina Linnenluecke
Senior Lecturer in Sustainability