Ravi Pappu
Associate Professor Ravi Pappu
Associate Professor in Marketing
  • BTech (Class 1, Dist), Mechanical Engineering (JNTU, India)
  • MBA (Dist), Marketing (University of Waikato)
  • PGDipMktg (Dist), Marketing (University of Waikato)
  • GradCertHigherEd, Higher Education (University of New England)
  • PhD, Marketing (University of New England)
+61 7 334 68089
+61 7 334 68166
Room 416, Colin Clark Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Ravi Pappu is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the University of Queensland Business School.

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    Ravi's current research focuses on modelling consumer decision making in relation to different types of brands (e.g. manufacturers, retailers, nonprofits and countries). He is also interested in understanding how marketing communications (e.g. advertising, celebrity endorsement, sponsorship) can shape consumer attitudes and brand perceptions.

    Since 2006, Ravi's research papers have been read or their full-text downloaded more than 114, 000 times (As of 26 May 2016). His research on sponsorship, brand equity, brand innovativeness, country-of-origin effects, celebrity endorsement, country branding and retailer branding has been published in scholarly international journals including the following.

    | Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science | Journal of Business Research | International Business Review | Journal of International Business Studies | European Journal of Marketing | Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services | Journal of Marketing Education |

    Research Grants

    Ravi was the lead Chief Investigator of an Australian Research Council Linkage project (2009 - 2012) (with Professor Bettina Cornwell), supported by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Major outcomes of this research so far include the following.

    • A new method for mapping consumer brand association networks
    • A model for explaining communication portfolios effects on the image and equity of non-profit brands

    Ravi's research has also attracted several internal competitive grants from the University of New England and University of Queensland.

    Awards & Distinctions


    As of 2016, Ravi teaches courses in quantitative research methods and applied statistics for honours and PhD students, and market research for postgraduate students.

    Distinctions (Teaching)

    • 2015 - UQ Business School Teaching Excellence Award
    • 2015 - Finalist - University of Queensland Teaching Excellence Award
    • 2014 - Finalist - University of Queensland Teaching Excellence Award
    • 2014 - Nominee - UQ Business School Teaching Excellence Award
    • 2013 - Nominee - UQ Business School Teaching Excellence Award

    Teaching Evaluations (Click on the following links to view student evaluations in pdf)


    • RBUS6903 Quantitative Business Research Methods II (Structural Equation Modelling) | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 |
    • RBUS6931 Scientific Method in Management |2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 |


    • MKTG7510 Market and Consumer Research | 2015 | 2014 |
    • MKTG7506 International Marketing (2010)


    • RBUS2900 Business Research Methods | 2012 | 2010 | 2008 |
    • MKTG2504 International Marketing (2007 - 2008)

    • MKTG2505 Retail Management (2008 - 2009)

    • 0346352 Marketing Research (1999) (University of Waikato)


    • MKTG7040 Marketing Management (2006 - 2007)

    • MKTG7501 Introduction to Marketing (2006 - 2007)

    • MBA731 Marketing Management | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | (University of New England)

    • MBA736 International Marketing | 2005 | 2004 | (University of New England)

    Research Higher Degree Supervision

    Ravi's students have achieved publications in internationally recognised journals suchas European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Business Research, and presented their work at prestegious international conferences.(e.g. ANZMAC, AMA, AMS, WMC). He is available for research supervision.

    | Brand equity | Brand innovativeness | Celebrity endorsement | Consumer innovativeness | Corporate sponsorship | Retail brand extensions | Country-of-origin effects |


    • ​S. Prugsamatz (2010) - International Students' Higher Education Choice (employed at Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
    • M. Chien (2009) - Corporate sponsorship (employed at the UQ Business School)


    • S.C. Yu (2013) - Celebrity portfolios (PhD at the University of Sydney Business School)
    • A. Spry (2007) - Celebrity endorsement (Colmar Brunton and University of Melbourne)
    • M. Chong (2006) - Consumer innovatioveness (Swissotel)
    • P. Stower (2006) - Multiple celebrity endorsement (British American Tobacco)

    3. SERVICE


    Editorial Board Membership


    Ad hoc Reviewer

    | Australasian Marketing Journal | European Journal of Marketing | Industrial Marketing Management | International Marketing Review | Journal of Sport Management | Journal of Advertising | Journal of Brand Management | Journal of Business Research | Journal of International Marketing | Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services |


    Conference Serivce

    Conference Presentations

    | Academy of Marketing | Academy of the Marketing Science | Advertising and Consumer Psychology | American Marketing Association | Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy | Marketing Science | World Marketing Congress |

    Invited Seminars

    | University of Melbourne (2015) | University of New South Wales (2012) | University of Adelaide (2009) | University of New England (2009) |

    Visiting Positions

    | University of Oregon (2013) | University of Adelaide (2009) | University of Michigan (2009) | Indian School of Business (2003) |

    Research interests

    Brand Management
    Brand equity measurement and management; retailer brand equity; nonprofit brand equity; destination brand equity and country brand equity.
    Brand innovativeness measurement and management. Brand innovativeness and brand equity relationships. Consumer innovativeness and brand innovativeness relationships.
    International marketing
    Examining the impact of country-of-origin effects on brand equity. Branding of nations and developing country brand equity.
    Marketing Communications
    Examining the impact of celebrity endorsement, corporate sponsorship, source credibility, consumer innovativeness and brand innovativeness, on brand equity.
    Modelling consumer decision making
    Modelling consumer decision making in relation to brands using experimental designs, survey research and multivariate data analysis techniques including structural equations modelling.


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    • Academy of Marketing Science
    • American Marketing Association
    • Australian Institute of Marketing
    • Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy
    • Society for Consumer Psychology


    2009 Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award (Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence)
    2006 UQ Business School Excellence Award for Research Merit
    2000 Best Marketing Research Paper Award, American Marketing Association Summer 2000 conference (with Professor Ashish Sinha and Professor Peter Pokowski Leszeczyc)
    2000 University of Adelaide Doctoral Scholarship
    1998 Highly Commended Paper, Doctoral Colloquium, ANZMAC
    1997 University of Waikato Masters Scholarship

    Major research grants

    Title Agency Year Amount
    A Systematic Investigation of Willingness to Donate: New Theory and New Methods for Modelling of Blood Donation Behaviour (with Associate Professor Len Coote and Dr Mark Brown) The Australian Red Cross Blood Service 2012 $15,000
    Examining the impact of country-of-origin on brand credibility (Early Career Research Grant) The University of Queensland 2009 $14,292
    Examining the impact of marketing communications on brand image, brand equity (with Professor Bettina Cornwell, University of Oregon and Mr DA Cavalchini and Dr K Doherty, Australian Red Cross Blood Service) Australian Research Council 2008-2009 $131,058
    New Staff Grant The University of Queensland 2006 $12,000
    Retailer Effects on Consumer Based Brand Equity University of New England 2005 $3,895
    Developing and validating a multidimensional scale for measuring retailer equity University of New England 2004 $2,997
    A Theoretical Framework for Explaining the Relationships between Country of Origin Effects and Consumer Based Brand Equity University of New England 2002 $2,500
    Conceptualising and Measuring Country Equity: the Value Associated with the Name of A Country, from A Marketing Prospective University of New England 2001 $1,200