Dr Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly
Facilitator | Research Assistant | Tutor | Research Assistant
  • PhD, Natural Resource Management (University of Queensland)
  • Master of Business (Research), Resource Economics (QUT)
  • Bachelor of Economics, Economics (Natural Resource Management)
+61 7 334 68100
Room 115, Colin Clark Building, St. Lucia Campus

I am an economist with experience in natural resource management. My Masters’ thesis on Coking Coal Oligopoly, broadened my understanding of coal pricing and markets gained from my work as an Economist with the Joint Coal Board.  I diversified my understanding of natural resource management and transport economics through my work in the department of Queensland Transport. I then branched into lecturing at Griffith University in the areas of International Economics, Macroeconomic Theory, Business theory, Environmental and Ecological Economics. My PhD focused on integrated resource management of recycled water in agriculture (the Western Corridor Recycled Water Pipeline and its prospective use in the Lockyer Valley).  This research involved stakeholder engagement with landholders, representatives from local and state government and water providers.  This work was enhanced by my work as the research officer responsible for research into the financial impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) on agriculture, through the Centre for Coal Seam Gas, UQ. This work also involved stakeholder engagement with landholders, CSG company and government representatives in a highly contentious political arena.  As a result of this work on CSG, I am lead author on two forthcoming journals and co-author on four other forthcoming papers.  I am also currently working as a researcher at Griffith University on co-management in mining (Mongolia) and water resource management (Laos). I combine this work with research here at UQ in Indigenous engagement in mining in Australia, and my work as a facilitator in courses MGTS7610 (Management Communication) and MGTS7608 (Business and Society).