Professor John Cole OAM
John Cole OAM
Honorary Professor
  • PhD, Australian Demographic History (University of Queensland)
+61 7 3346 8100
UQ Business School

    Professor John Cole is the Executive Director of the Institute for Resilient Regions at the University of Southern Queensland.

    He joined USQ in August 2009 and for six months from June 2012 was acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation. Between 2009 and 2012 he was Director of the Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development, building a specialist research portfolio in agri-business and regional small business enterprise. Before joining USQ he established the Queensland Government’s Office of Clean Energy, responsible for developing Queensland’s Renewable Energy Plan which was launched in June 2009.

    Well credentialed in promoting innovation for sustainable development and industry competitiveness and regional resilience, in June 2012 Professor Cole received the Queensland Premier’s Award for Leadership in Sustainability. This prestigious Award recognised accomplishments in government, industry and community development in a range of roles spanning parliamentary adviser, technology commercialisation company manager, CEO of an industry association and its export arm, senior government official and research manager.

    Professor Cole is well known nationally and overseas as a thought leader on sustainable development and is much sought after as a conference speaker on the issues of sustainability as they relate to government, business and communities. In December 2007 he facilitated a national forum for the Garnaut Climate Change Review on the technology development implications of global warming. As acting DVCR at USQ in September 2012 he led a successful mission of four USQ research centres to China building collaborative links with seven leading Chinese universities under the auspices of the Australia-China Science Research Fund. Most recently, in 2014 he has served as a panel member reviewing the draft Queensland Plan for the Queensland Government.

    During 2008-09 he advised the Queensland Premier’s Council on Climate Change and was the principal author of the Council’s first working paper: “Achieving early and affordable greenhouse gas reductions in Queensland: strategies for voluntary household and lifestyle changes”.

    For 10 years between 1998 and 2008 John Cole served as a founding Executive Director of Queensland’s Environmental Protection Agency promoting sustainability innovation in business, industry and government. During that time he headed several major initiatives including the non-regulatory innovation-focussed program development and delivery division, Sustainable Industries (1998-2008), EPA Marketing (2006-08) and the future-focussed think tank, Sustainability Innovation (2008).

    Through 2007 he was also head of Multicultural Affairs Queensland. During his time at the EPA he administered more than $150 million in innovation and technology partnerships with Queensland industry and communities.

    An active industry educator in business sustainability, between 2003 and 2008 Professor Cole co-anchored Australia’s first business school executive intensive course on corporate sustainability. He has also been an Adjunct Professor in industry, organisational and community sustainability at three leading Queensland universities - Bond University’s Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, the University of Queensland’s Business School, and Queensland University of Technology’s School of Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering. He remains an Adjunct Professor at UQ Business School.

    For close to 25 years he has served in a variety of senior public and industry positions in areas as diverse as technology commercialisation and community development. Between 1991 and 1998 Professor Cole was the founding Chief Executive Officer of the Environment Management Industry Association of Australia (now known as Environment Business Australia). Thereafter he undertook an organisational renovation of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council in Queensland before joining Queensland’s EPA. During the late 1980s he was a parliamentary policy adviser in Canberra.

    Professor Cole has been a Queensland representative on the Standing Committee of the Environment Protection and Heritage Council of Australia and New Zealand and the standing committee of the National Environment Protection Council. In 2003 he co-chaired the Queensland Government’s Ethanol Industry Development Committee. He served on State Government inter-departmental committees responsible for Sugar Industry Reform, Rural Adjustment, Queensland’s Greenhouse Response Strategy, Clean Coal Technology, Sustainable Housing, SEQ Rural Futures and the Energy Policy.

    He has been a member of the Professional Advisory Board, School of Environment, at Griffith University, the Advisory Board of the Centre for Environmental Management, Central Queensland University, and the Advisory Board of the Mirvac School of Sustainable Development, Bond University. In Victoria he was for several years a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Sustainability Institute at RMIT. Between 2001 and 2008 he was a member of the sustainability advisory Board of the CRC for Coal in Sustainable Development.

    In 1999 Professor Cole was a US Government International Visitor studying sustainable development in a cross section of US communities. During the 1990s he was a member of the Australian Government’s Advisory Council on Environmental Employment, the Australian Government’s Advisory Group on International Environment Issues, and the Queensland Environment Protection Council. Between 1995 and 1998 he served as an independent director on the Board of Management of the CRC for Soil and Land Management based in Adelaide.

    Between 2001 and 2006 Professor Cole was a Board member and Deputy Chair of the Keep Australia Beautiful Council in Queensland and was a foundation signatory to the establishment of Green Cross in Australia in 2007. Between 2010 and 2013 he also served as a member of the Board of the Banksia Environmental Foundation in Melbourne.

    Current extra-curricular and community service involvements include membership of the Board of Directors of the national environmental organization, the Banksia Foundation based in Melbourne, the financial committee of the Queensland Trust for Nature, the Community Consultative Panel of Queensland Urban Utilities.

    Professor Cole is also an active member of the Research Committee of the Brisbane Institute. Professor Cole has a Ph D in Australian demographic history. John is married to Rosemarie White, Director of Nursing at Brisbane’s St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. They have two children: Harry and William.

    Government, Industry, Community: Speeches/presentations

    Over the years I have given hundreds of public speeches and presentations.  In the various roles of research centre director, key government executive involved at the forefront of sustainable development and as a thought leader with international standing in public discussion of the issues of sustainability, I have been invited regularly to provide keynote addresses to state and national conferences.  Below is an indicative list of activity recent and past.

    Blog: - commentary, articles, speeches since 2009

    2014 July “Setting the scene for managing growth” , keynote at “Regions on the rise: leveraging the Queensland Plan”, LGAQ Regional Economic Development Conference, Hervey Bay

    2014 (June) “Building resilient regions: what has to be done to implement the Queensland Plan”,  Regional Leadership Conference, GAPDL, Gladstone

    2013 (September) “Energy, systems, resilience and the innovation imperative”, Onsite Energy Conference, Brisbane

    2012 (Oct) “Is sustainability becoming a dirty word in Australia and should we be concerned? Fitzroy Basin Association annual conference, Rockhampton.

    2012 (Sept) “People, mobility and economics: what future for roads in a sustainable world” keynote address at IQA-CCAA CMIC 12 Construction Materials Industry Conference, Melbourne.

    2012 (May) “The business sustainability journey: progress report and likely developments through to 2020”, keynote at national 2012 conference Association for Sustainability in Business, Gold Coast.

    2012 (Apr) “Bridging the parallel universe: making research matter in public policy”, International Energy Agency, 3rd Greenhouse Gas Social Research Network Meeting, Noosa.

    2012 (Apr)”Regional communities, climate, carbon and future sustainability”, presentation to South Burnett Regional Council, Kingaroy.

    2012 (Mar) “Making the Central Highlands sustainable”, keynote at “Investing in the future”, Central Highlands economic development conference, Emerald.

    2012 (Mar) “Gladstone and a sustainable economic future for the region: Sustainable Gladstone re-visited” keynote at Gladstone Region Economic Development Conference, GAPDL, Gladstone.

    2011 (Sept) “Facing the future: actions for the environment profession, opening remarks from the Chair, 2011 Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand annual conference, Sunshine Coast.

    2011 (Sept) “Gas, Climate change, and sustainable regional development”, Surat Basin Conference, Roma.

    2011 (Sept) “Beyond complacency: the challenges and opportunities of doing business in a cleaner energy world”, keynote at Queensland Business Sustainability Roundtable, Brisbane.

    2011 (July) “Future fuels: Moving beyond ideology to meet the sustainability imperative”, Future Fuels for Australia Conference, Australian Institute of Energy and The University of Queensland, Brisbane.

    2011 (May) “Making the most of the resources boom, how do we make regional development sustainable? Or Plan B:  Building a Future with Genuine Options” Keynote at Local Government Association of Queensland, Environment Conference, Gladstone.

    2011 (March) USQ Law and Sustainability Symposium – keynote “The law and sustainability”, Brisbane.

    2010 (Nov) “Roads Australia: the business case for sustainability”, Keynote at Roads Australia Sustainability Forum, Sydney

    2010 (June) “Inventing our Future: innovation for dealing with the major themes of the 21st century”, keynote at Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Conference, Surfers Paradise.

    2010 (April) “Saving the Future”, Professorial lecture, Steele Rudd College, The University of Southern Queensland

    1978 - 2014 Academic publications, conferences, seminars

    2014 (forthcoming) ”The historical context of Federation” introductory chapter to A Federation for the 21st Century, Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Major Policy Paper, Melbourne.

    2014 (April) “Australia’s biggest coal state plans for life beyond coal”, The Conversation,

    (2012) with Sattar Sattay, “Reducing embodied energy through retrofit: How can embodied energy be saved by retrofitting existing buildings?” in Richard Hyde (ed)  Sustainable Retro-fitting for Bio-Climatic Design(Routledge: London)

    2010 (June) “Environmental protection versus economic development in the
    Asia Pacific— the impacts of Copenhagen” at ‘Collaboration and Governance in the Asia Pacific’ 2nd Annual Dialogue Forum of the Sino – Australian Joint Research Program, Griffith University, Brisbane with Sun Yat-Sen University and the University of Southern Queensland.

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    2008 (Jul) Affordable Least Cost Urban Development: an EPA perspective, UDIA workshop, Hervey Bay.

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    Premier of Queensland (June 2012) - Premiers Award for sustainability leadership - “[Professor Cole….has made an outstanding contribution to business sustainability in Queensland”.
    United States Government, Department of State (July 1999) - Guest of the US Government, participant in the USIA International Visitor Programme - Sustainable Economics in New Millennium – month long six state study tour of sustainable development projects in the USA.
    Newberry Library, Chicago (1979) - Exchange scholarship to attend summer school study in quantitative methods for historians.
    Australian Government Postgraduate Scholarship (1978-1981) - The University of Queensland
    University of Leicester (1977) - John Nichols Prize for English Local History – an international history competition