Mrs Joanna Kho
Joanna Kho
Postdoctoral Research Fellow PhD Candidate
  • MBA (The University of Queensland)
  • Grad Cert, Applied Gerontology (Flinders University)
  • BA, Psychology (The University of Queensland)
  • Grad Dip , Child Psychology (International Correspondence School)
+61 7 336 56490
Room 519, Joyce Ackroyd Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Joanna is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Centre of Research Excellence in Telehealth (CRE).  She is involved in a number of telehealth research projects, one of which examines the integration of technology-mediated healthcare service provision through telehealth at the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). Research findings will advance the understanding on how telehealth impacts on professional practice that may influence telehealth policy by demonstrating the feasibility and integration of telehealth in primary care practices.

    Joanna’s PhD research focused on the implementation and adoption of telehealth in residential aged care facilities. She examined how health professionals change and reconfigure their professional competence and routines when practicing in technology-mediated service settings. Joanna’s research findings will provide a more holistic view on how technology impacts on professional practice.

    Joanna completed a BA (Psychology) at UQ in 2004 and started her first start-up company soon after.  She then worked as a Student Coordinator at UQ School of Medicine (Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD). In 2009, she joined UQ Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine (CRGM) and Centre for Online Health and gained extensive experience in roles involving research administration, business development, operations management and telehealth practice management.

    Joanna completed UQ’s MBA program in 2014 and was competitively selected to undertake the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum project.  This project involved a market expansion strategy for the Australian Baseball League (ABL).  Joanna also holds a Graduate Certificate in Applied Gerontology (Flinders University) and a Graduate Diploma in Child Psychology (International Correspondence School). 

    Joanna has lecturing experience in management, with a focus on managing organizational behaviour.   

    Research interests

    Change management practices for telehealth services in healthcare organisations
    Health practitioners and researchers in the healthcare management field contend that management of human organisational change is necessary for successful telehealth service implementations. This research involves a systematic review and examination of how change management practices have been applied to the implementation and adoption of telemedicine services within healthcare organisations.
    Examining the adoption and implementation of telehealth in primary care services
    This project examines the integration of technology-mediated healthcare service provision through telehealth. To date there has been no major Australian research to explore the use of telehealth for the delivery of primary care. Research is required to inform national policy. The implementation of telehealth within Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) primary care service delivery will provide valuable insights into how telehealth can enhance access to and efficiency of primary care practice.
    Predictors of home telehealth adoption in the aging population: Consumer perspectives
    The ageing population in Australia is poised to significantly impact on health care services through increasing demand and rising healthcare costs. Delivering such services into the home will become paramount not just to contain costs, but to meet the expectations of older Australians who prefer to remain in their own homes, particularly those in remote areas or with restricted mobility. As an Australian first, this research aims to examine the factors which influence and predict aged healthcare consumers’ intention to adopt home telehealth services.
    Telemedicine adoption in residential aged care facilities
    Given the increased focus and investment of the Australian Government in telemedicine, a number of healthcare organisations, such as residential aged care facilities (RACFs) will or have implemented telemedicine solutions within their organisation. This research examines the factors that hinder and facilitate adoption of telemedicine systems at RACFs, with a focus on the change processes and multi-stakeholder perspectives.


    • Academy of Management (AOM)
    • Health Management and Organisation Special Interest Group – Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM)
    • Australasian Telehealth Society (ATHS)


    2014 – Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence, Sem. 1, 2014 (MBA program)
    2012 – Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement, Sem. 2, 2012 (MBA program)
    2009- UQ Miracle Worker Award (School of Medicine)

    Major research grants

    Title Agency Year Amount
    Graduate School International Travel Award UQ Graduate School 2016 $5,000