Associate Professor Damian Hine
Damian Hine
Associate Professor in Strategy | Director, Asia Pacific Enterprise Initiative
  • PhD (Southern Cross University)
  • MBA (The University of Queensland)
  • DipEd (The University of Queensland)
  • BA (The University of Queensland)
+61 7 334 68162
Room 359, GP North Building, St. Lucia Campus

    Research interests

    Dynamic capabilities in firms
    Strategic, change focussed capabilities in volatile environments.
    Productivity and Innovation in firms and industries
    Innovation and productivity for competitiveness – in industries including mining, mining exploration, horticulture and biotechnology.


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    Major research grants

    Title Agency Year Amount
    Rural Economies Centre of Excellence
    [UQ’s component $1M. UQ Lead]
    Queensland Government 2018-2022 $3,000,000
    Evaluating the potential to expand horticultural industries in Northern Australia [CI] CRC for Northern Australia 2018-2019 $200,000
    Genomics in Society
    [One of CIs]
    UQ 2016-2018 $600,000
    Dynamic capabilities and business model innovation in China
    [Lead CI]
    Chinese National Natural Science Foundation 2016-2017 $105,000
    Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services
    [Team Leader. My component - $800,000]
    World Bank 2015-2018 $6,500,000
    Building pearl aquaculture business skills and community based industry development in the Pacific
    [Lead CI]
    Secretariat of the Pacific Community and Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative 2015-2016 $102,264
    Supporting developments of the cultured pearl industries in Fiji and Tonga Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative 2015 $51,264
    Transformational innovation performance analysis
    [Lead CI]
    Horticulture Australia Limited 2013-2015 $161,297
    Pacific Agribusiness Research for Development Initiative
    [Component CI]
    Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2010-2011 $310,000
    LP0776386 A comparative study of knowledge transfer systems and their contribution to knowledge transfer and diffusion, innovation and socioeconomic transformation
    [Second CI]
    ARC Linkage Grant 2007-2010 $1,013,000
    Extending teaching and learning initiatives in the cross-disciplinary field of biotechnology
    [Lead CI]
    Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2007-2009 $100,000
    United States Advanced Technology Program Data Enclave on Innovation
    [Lead CI]
    National Institute for Standards and Technology 2007-2009 $60,000
    LP0668162 A cross-national comparison of novel market-pull technology transfer programs which facilitate research organisation commercialisation through dynamic SMEs
    [Lead CI]
    ARC Linkage Grant 2006-2008 $133,000