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Are you creative, engaging and looking for social media experience? 

Instagram InternUQ Business School is looking for outgoing, personable and committed marketing and advertising students to work with the UQ Business School Marketing Team to create engaging content for our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

As a student representative of the social media team, you’ll be equipped with the task of promoting the UQ and UQ Business School student experience. You’ll generate creative and fun content that aligns to our content strategy and appeals to our social media audiences. We’ll give you plenty of creative freedom and provide you with any necessary equipment or resources that you might require.

You can find out futher details here.

If you think you have what it takes, submit your application today! 

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UQ Business School Competition Winners: 

  1. Martha Gettvert
  2. Jonathon Tselepis 
  3. Shreya Inani
  4. Dayu Zhang
  5. Anneka Smith

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