The SEEP for business

SEEP for Businesses

The Social Economic Engagement Program (SEEP) provides MBA students with an opportunity to engage in an active learning environment with direct benefit to not-for-profit and charity organisations.

Why get involved?

By participating in the SEEP program your organisation would be able to engage a group of highly motivated MBA students with a range of industry backgrounds and experience, to work on a project of importance to your organisation.

The group is able to provide fresh perspectives and solutions to existing issues or innovative approaches to new initiatives within the organisation.

What is required from your organisation?

  • Resources: Your organisation would be required to provide a detailed brief on your proposed project, objective, expected outcomes and deliverables and a proposed timeline. After the initial meeting, the group may also require access to annual reports, marketing materials, existing business plans, or other organisational materials.
  • Time commitment: Key representatives from your organisation will need to be available to meet with the group every 2-3 weeks. In some instances, depending on the project, key stakeholders may also need to be available for consultation. A realistic project deadline should be established in the initial meeting, if not before, and it is important that the key organisation representatives are available for the duration of the project.

If your organisation is interested in proposing a project for the SEEP program please contact Neil Paulsen.


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