Survey for Visitors to the Anzac Sites

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On completion of the survey you will be given the opportunity to enter a draw to win a $200 travel voucher.

This study will identify the aspects of interpretive experiences at museums and heritage sites that facilitate identity-building and best meet the needs of visitors in today’s multicultural society. The research will be conducted at various Anzac-related museum and heritage experiences in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Turkey (Gallipoli).

About the project

On being Australian: Exploring the role of Anzac museum and heritage interpretive experiences in developing visitors’ sense of national identity
Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP130101258

Project Team

Project Aims

  1. To explore the ways in which visitors to museums and heritage sites incorporate the Anzac story in their sense of national identity;
  2. To investigate the influence of a visit to an Anzac museum or heritage site on visitors’ national identity; and
  3. To identify aspects of the visitor experience that facilitate deeper engagement.

April 2015 prize winners

Congratulations to the following participants who were recruited between October 2014 and April 2015.  They have each won a copy of a Gallipoli DVD: Steve McGuirk; Adam Stein; Rick Hughes; Kerry Baron; Philippa Scott

August 2015 prize winner

The winner of the $200 travel voucher will be announced in September 2015

For further information, contact Chief Investigator, Jan Packerj.packer@uq.edu.au