Measuring the impact of a school trip to Canberra

A school trip to Canberra is viewed as a good way to help children learn more about Australia’s heritage and history and foster a sense of national identity.

Attractions such as Parliament House, the National Electoral Education Centre, the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Museum of Australia and the Australian War Memorial all offer educational programs.

The National Capital Educational Tourism Project (NCETP) promotes the benefits of visiting Canberra and helps school groups to plan their excursion. Since 2001, it has helped to increase the number of annual student visitors by over 35%.  

On behalf of the NCETP, UQ Business School researchers are looking at ways to measure the impact of a visit to Canberra on students’ knowledge, and find out how it can increase their understanding of civics and citizenship concepts, their interest in Australian and international current affairs and their engagement in citizenship behaviour.

The research team also aims to discover which particular learning experiences offered by Canberra attractions are most effective in civics and citizenship education.

The research project will allow Canberra attractions to improve their education programs for school groups. It will help the NCETP to promote school trips and will benefit teachers and parents by providing information about the value of a visit to Canberra for their children’s education.

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