The Queensland Business Innovation Survey

What are the factors that encourage innovation and enhance growth in Queensland firms? And how does their performance measure up with those in other states or countries?

The Growing Australian Businesses project carried out by UQ Business School on behalf of the Queensland government, set out to find answers to these questions to help inform policy decisions.

During 2011 and 2012 thousands of Australian businesses from all industries and sizes were sent questionnaires which had been originally developed by Cambridge University and adapted for the Australian business environment. Almost 4,000 replies were received.

The Queensland Innovation Survey is now a bi-annual project that helps which is helping to provide an accessible database of firm growth factors and performance. Led by Dr Martie-Louise Verreynne  and Dr John Steen, it can be used to develop and test theory, and serve as a basis for international comparative studies with Cambridge University in the UK and similar research conducted at University of Auckland in New Zealand.

There is also the opportunity to compare the results on any of the factors included in the study, for example innovation performance, with results across other comparable studies and also to track firms over time to understand growth better. The project is helping the Queensland government develop evidence-based policy.

Are you an organisation in need to solve a business issue? Contact Martie-Louise Verreyne or John Steen to know more about their work and benefit from their expertise.

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