Bachelor of Business Management

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The Bachelor of Business Management provides a comprehensive basis for a career in business while being flexible enough to let you pursue areas that particularly interest you. It is designed to equip you with the skills and self-confidence to effectively manage and adapt to a wide range of competitive and constantly changing business environments.

The compulsory courses allow you to develop core business skills. You can then build on these by selecting one or two specialist areas including advertising, business economics, e-business, human resources, international business, marketing, real estate and development, and sustainability. UQ Business School's lecturers and tutors are industry leaders and our vast network of industry contacts means you can develop practical experience at some of the world's leading companies.


Applicants for the Bachelor of Business Management program must have Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent) English, and Mathematics A or any combination of Mathematics A, B or C; or the equivalent for international students.

Domestic students

Domestic students include Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents (holders of all categories of permanent resident visas, including humanitarian visas), and New Zealand citizens.

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International students

International students include temporary residents (visa status) of Australia, permanent residents (visa status) of New Zealand or a resident or citizen of any other country.

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Year 12 students

If you are an international student currently studying Year 12 in Australia or the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) in New Zealand, you must apply online via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).


The Bachelor of Business Management allows you to focus on areas that are relevant to your desired career. You can choose one or two majors from the list below. A major consists of six courses from the one area of specialisation.

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The advertising major prepares graduates for careers in the media, at advertising agencies, as media buyers, and in marketing departments in the public and private sector. You will be introduced to the academic foundations of advertising and the media whilst developing the business, analytical and creative skills necessary to thrive in the highly competitive advertising industry. You will learn about consumer behaviour, media planning and buying, and gain experience in the creative design and development of campaigns.

Business Economics

Business Economics is ideal for those who want to work in corporate strategy, production management, financial planning, capital budgeting, economics or business analysis. It is also useful in marketing, purchasing, and human resource management. The major covers the growth strategies, macroeconomic modelling, forecasting, scenario planning, demand analysis, pricing policies, competitive strategies, capital budgeting, investment and cost-benefit analysis. It offers options for careers in public and private sector companies, banking, financial services and consultancy firms.

Business Information Systems

The Business Information Systems major focuses on computer-based technologies and systems to support business processes and management. These systems are used by managers to inform decision-making, allowing effective and efficient operations. These courses ensure you will be experienced in the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of computer systems. Your superior skills in developing and managing computer applications, including those involving accounting data, will be highly sought after by leading employers.

Human Resources

The major Human Resources will allow you to develop skills in people management, selection and recruitment, employment relations, training and development, employment agreements, and leadership. Graduates enjoy careers as HR managers in the public and private sectors, professional practices, trade unions, employer associations, government departments, management consultancies, industrial relations, negotiation and advocacy, and occupational health and safety.

International Business

Many businesses today operate in international markets, which involves building relationships with customers in different countries, adapting products to suit market needs and managing global supply chains. The major International Business focuses on the challenges encountered by Australian organisations conducting business overseas. It opens up opportunities in multinational corporations, private businesses looking to expand or trade overseas, government agencies and trade associations.


Marketing is critical to the success of any business. By studying this major you will develop an understanding of key concepts including applied market research, marketing strategy, relationship building, product and service management, and communication. Graduates enjoy careers in marketing departments of private businesses, tourism, the entertainment industry, sales and retail, marketing consultancies, market research, government, and not-for-profit agencies.

Real Estate and Development

The property industry offers diverse and attractive career opportunities. The major Real Estate and Development will equip graduates for careers in areas including property investment, development, management and valuation. You will develop your knowledge of business and land economic principles, property law, finance and investment, asset management, town planning and property valuation. You will learn about the professional organisations and major institutions in the property industry, and how to use software to solve land development and management problems.


Developing socially responsible and sustainable business operations is an increasingly important consideration in today's corporate agenda. The major Sustainability will equip you to manage the financial, social, and natural environment aspects of a firm's activities to achieve sustainable outcomes. It covers emissions trading, corporate social responsibility, communicating for sustainability, strategic management in response to climate change, and renewable energy. Graduates enjoy careers in corporate strategy, sustainable management, corporate communications and international business.


The Bachelor of Business Management program takes three years of full-time study to complete, or the equivalent part-time.

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The standard full-time load for a program is 8 units per semester (this usually means 4 courses worth 2 units each per semester). Full-time study is defined as 75% or more of the standard full-time load for a program (i.e. at least 6 units per semester, or 3-4 courses, for most programs).

International students must be enrolled in 8 units per semester.

It is estimated that for each course a student would have approximately 3-5 contact hours in lectures and tutorials, and would also need to do additional hours of study.


Australian students can study part-time (usually 1 to 2 courses per semester). In some cases, classes are scheduled multiple times per week and students can choose either day or evening classes. This does not occur in all programs. If you intend to study solely in the evenings, please check the availability and timing of classes.

Dual degrees

Dual degrees enable you to study several areas of interest at once and graduate with two degrees, saving up to a year of study when compared to studying two separate programs. The additional knowledge and skills can significantly broaden your career options. Please note you must satisfy the prerequisites of both programs to gain entry.

You can combine the Bachelor in Business Management with degrees in the following areas:


What outcomes to expect from your degree

The Bachelor of Business Management opens up opportunities for a wide range of careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

You may want to work in a general management capacity but gain an in-depth understanding of some of the specific issues relevant to business today, such as sustainability or the challenges facing businesses pursuing international expansion.

It is also ideal for those who want to prepare for a career in a specific discipline including marketing, advertising and e-business, but want a good basic grounding in the principles of business management.

How to shape your career

As a UQ student, you have access to a range of services to prepare for a successful career:

  • The Student Employability Team (SET) – assists students with accessing career opportunities and managing their careers. SET programs give students an edge by helping build industry experience and develop lifelong employability skills. Contact their team of employability specialists to set and achieve your career goals.
  • Networking events - these events help students establish connections with industry professionals.
  • Employer presentations on campus - provides opportunities to meet UQ graduates currently employed in industry and understand what the employer is looking for in a new hire.
  • UQ Careers Fair - an annual university wide event for students to meet with over 130 potential employers to source information on career opportunities.
  • Global Experiences Expo - discover how UQ provides students with opportunities to study overseas, or get support to work, learn or volunteer on a short trip.


Support services

UQ Business School offers a wide range of advice and support for future and current students.

Domestic student enquiries

To find out more about applications or programs for Australian (domestic) students, call +61 7 3365 2203 (open 8:30am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday except university and public holidays).

You can also visit the admissions site or use the online enquiry form.

International student enquiries

For further enquiries about applications or programs, international students can call +61 3 8676 7004 from outside Australia or 1800 671 980 from inside Australia (free call).

Find out more on the international contact page or use the online enquiry form.

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Financial assistance

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Student centres

Student centres are located on each campus including St Lucia and provide a one-stop shop for student administration enquiries – including enrolment, timetables, fees, graduation, academic transcripts and ID cards – and general enquiries.

Call +61 7 3365 2600 from 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday or visit the student centre page.

Student support

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