Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)

Your passport to becoming a leader in the fields of finance and economics. 

Get ready for a career in fast-paced, competitive and influential organisations with the Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) (BAFE). This four-year program develops analytical rigour needed for a high-powered career in finance and economics, whether in Australia or beyond. 

This program is offered as an interdisciplinary program jointly taught by UQ Business School and School of Economics, two of the most highly-ranked schools globally. 


Applicants for the Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) program must have Queensland Year 12  English (or equivalent), and Mathematics B or C (or equivalent). Many aspects of the program are technical in nature and most students have completed both Mathematics B and C. 

Admission to the program is competitive - the number of places available is usually smaller than the number of people applying. The current minimum entry score required for admission to the BAFE program is OP1 or equivalent.  

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Places in the Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) are limited and the current entry requirement is OP1 or equivalent. This program provides a challenging academic environment for those wanting to pursue a career in the fields of finance and economics. BAFE courses are more difficult and involve a higher workload than most other undergraduate courses. Students should be prepared for a full-time commitment to study. 

The BAFE program differs from other undergraduate programs in a number of ways:

  • There is a relatively small cohort of students who progress through the program together.  This results in students getting to know each other well and creating strong networks that will be an important resource throughout their careers.
  • There are very strong links with industry.  Speakers from industry regularly present classes in BAFE courses showing how the material is applied in practice.  Senior industry contacts from key employers have assisted in the design of courses to ensure that graduates have the skills that are required in practice.
  • Many courses have been designed for, and are taught exclusively in, the BAFE program.
  • Smaller class sizes mean that teaching is much more interactive.
  • The BAFE course already has a very strong reputation among key employers including investment and commercial banks, fund managers, private equity firms, management and economic consulting firms, major corporations, and government agencies such as the Reserve Bank and treasury organisations.

The first three years of the BAFE program are quite structured, with students completing courses as a cohort.  The final year of the program contains a number of electives, allowing students to specialise more in a particular area.  In the fourth year, students also have the option of pursuing either a professional pathway (targeting employment in a leading firm or agency) or a research pathway (designed to prepare students for further study, such as a PhD).


The Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) program takes four years of full-time study to complete, there is no part-time option for this program. The BAFE program cannot be combined with other programs (such as law) as a dual degree. 

An Honours degree is awarded to all graduates of this program. 

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What outcomes can you expect from this degree?

The Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours) has already developed a strong reputation among the most sought-after employers. Major firms have sought opportunities to present specifically to the BAFE cohort and offer internships to students, even in the early years of the program. 

Graduates can expect careers in corporate finance, investment banking, management and economic consulting, funds management and financial government agencies. 

How to shape your career

As a UQ student, you have access to a range of services to prepare for a successful career:

  • The Student Employability Team (SET) – assists students with accessing career opportunities and managing their careers. SET programs give students an edge by helping build industry experience and develop lifelong employability skills. Contact their team of employability specialists to set and achieve your career goals.
  • Networking events - these events help students establish connections with industry professionals.
  • Employer presentations on campus - provides opportunities to meet UQ graduates currently employed in industry and understand what the employer is looking for in a new hire.
  • UQ Careers Fair - an annual university wide event for students to meet with over 130 potential employers to source information on career opportunities.
  • Global Experiences Expo - discover how UQ provides students with opportunities to study overseas, or get support to work, learn or volunteer on a short trip.


Support services

UQ Business School offers a wide range of advice and support for future and current students.

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