Leadership tools for ‘big guns’

Strong leadership is important to any organisation. Laing O’Rourke, the international engineering consultancy, continually works to build the skills of its staff. Its Guns program aims to fast-track staff at different levels including ‘big guns’ and ‘young guns’ into leadership positions.

Professor Victor Callan, an internationally renowned management expert from UQ Business School, has worked with the company to design and deliver leadership and change management workshops for the senior managers. He is providing a practical set of principles, tools and frameworks that they can apply daily to solving complex problems in their roles across Australia and internationally.

There is also the opportunity to compare results on any of the factors included in the study, for example innovation performance, with results across other comparable studies and also to track firms over time to understand growth better. The project is helping the Queensland government develop evidence-based policy.

Are you an organisation in need to solve a business issue? Contact Victor Callan to know more about his work and benefit from his expertise.

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