Helping Indonesia improve service exports

In the run-up to ASEAN market integration in 2015, the Indonesian government is keen to find ways to promote exports of private sector services. Improving the knowledge and skills of government officials is one way to do this.

Experts from UQ Business School were selected to design and deliver an intensive course on services export promotion to officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. Andre Pekerti, Peter Liesch and Paul Brewer delivered two three-day workshops in Bandung, Indonesia and participated in two weeks’ study, including commercial site visits, in Brisbane.

The project has stemmed from the close ties that have been developed between UQ Business School and several key Indonesian public sector agencies in the delivery of education and training.

Are you an organisation in need to solve a business issue? Contact Andre Pekerti, Peter Liesch and Paul Brewer to know more about their work and benefit from their expertise.

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