Workshop Series: Simone Pettigrew

1 November, 2013 - 10:30 to 12:00
Colin Clark Building #39, Room 103


This presentation will outline the tenets of TCR (Transformative Consumer Research) and how they can be applied to the more difficult problems faced by consumers. The particular issue of child obesity will be discussed in the context of relevant theoretical frameworks, data collection complexities, and public policy implications. A novel data collection method called sensitisation will be outlined and its application to the study of child obesity and other social problems will be discussed.

Professor Simone Pettigrew, Professor of Marketing, University of Western Australia

Professor Simone Pettigrew is based at the University of Western Australia. She has a joint appointment at the UWA Business School and the UWA School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health. Her broad research focus is the intersection between consumer research and health promotion, with specific interest in the areas of child obesity, alcohol consumption, ageing, and mental health. She is a member of the scientific advisory committees for EPODE (an international child obesity prevention program) and OPAL (the South Australian arm of EPODE). Simone is a founding member of the TCR (Transformative Consumer Research) Advisory Board, and she has co-authored the first book on TCR. She is an associate editor for BMC Public health and she is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Social Marketing, CMC (Consumption, Markets and Culture), and International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing.