Workshop Series: Sen Sendjaya

30 November, 2011 - 13:00 to 15:00
Room 430 Joyce Ackroyd Building 37


Given the pervasiveness of systemic problems such as bullying leadership, abuse of power, toxic emotions, and similar others in organisations, the interest in value-laden leadership approach such as servant leadership should come as no surprise. This presentation reviews the origin, state of play, and future directions in servant leadership research. Servant leadership has been characterized as a leadership approach that is service-oriented, moral-laden, follower-centric, and holistic-minded. It has been associated with many positive attributes such as authenticity, accountability, ethics, and spirituality. At the heart of servant leadership is a desire to lead others by serving them instead of serving self by using others. Several empirical studies on servant leadership in relation to several constructs (trust in leaders, OCB, cultural dimensions, job satisfaction) using the 35-item servant leadership behaviour scale (SLBS) will be discussed in this presentation. The challenges associated with publishing a novel subject such as servant leadership are also outlined.

Teaching workshop on SL

The second talk will discuss the development and delivery of a third-year undergraduate leadership subject/unit that is built around the idea of servant leadership. In line with the research-led teaching emphasis (or research-teaching nexus), the unit covers all six behavioural dimensions of servant leadership with a deliberate focus on self-leadership as opposed to organisational/corporate leadership.

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Dr Sen Sendjaya, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management, Monash University

Sen Sendjaya is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership in the Department of Management, Monash University. He obtained his PhD from Monash University in 2005. Sen's research works have appeared in Journal of Management Studies, International Journal of Human Resource Management, European Journal of Work and Psychology, and European Journal of Information System, among others. His article published in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies was included in one of the top 50 Leadership Classics (see He serves in the Editorial Advisory Board of the Leadership and Organization Development Journal. Currently he is undertaking research projects on servant leadership development, destructive leadership, leadership complexity, leadership and strategy. In 2009 he simultaneously received two Commendations for the 2009 Dean's Award for Excellence, one in research and the other in teaching.