Workshop Series: Professor Sergio Cavalieri

21 June, 2013 - 10:30 to 12:00
CP1 (UQBS downtown campus).


Twenty years of research have ennobled the role of servitization, from originally being a neologism for investigating a new phenomenon emerging in the manufacturing domain, to becoming a deliberate strategic evolutionary path of an industrial company. Servitization is mainly motivated by a continuous strive to create new sources of value for a company and to change its role in the competitive market from selling an artifact on a transactional base to providing an integrated solution to the customer on a long-term relational pattern. However, although services are thought to deliver higher margins, most companies find it quite problematic to master the transition; the starting point of this endeavor is often perceived as a combination of hazard and opportunities, which could turn out in a traumatic disillusionment within an organization, eventually incurring in higher costs and not achieving the expected returns. As a result: how to move from the trough of disillusionment to a possible plateau of productivity? This seminar will be devoted to an analysis of how the scientific community has so far examined this phenomenon, a discussion of the main issues and gaps which have inhibited an effective implementation of service-centered business models, and an outline of the most prominent key actions that could give directions for a future research agenda.

Professor Sergio Cavalieri - CELS - University of Bergamo

Sergio Cavalieri is Full Professor at the Department of Engineering of University of Bergamo, Italy and Director of CELS - Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Service Operations. CELS carries out studies, research and technology transfer projects in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Service Chain Management and Industrial Asset Management.

Prof. Cavalieri holds a Master degree and a PhD in Management and Production Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He has been founder and coordinator of an Italian joint industry-academic Service Management Forum, made up of 50 associated industrial companies, consultancies and research centers. Currently, he is scientific coordinator of PROSSALIC (PROduct-Service System Across Life Cycle), a global research network funded by the FP7 EU program involving nine research centers from all over the world. He is author of 4 books and more than 100 papers, published in national and international journals or presented in conference proceedings. He is member of IFAC-TC 5.1 on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, member of IFIP TC 5.7, former member of the Technical Development Steering Committee of the Supply Chain Council and former coordinator of a Special Interest Group within the IMS Network of Excellence.