Workshop Series: John Mangan

7 October, 2011 - 10:30 to 12:00
Room 105 Colin Clark Building 39

A large part of university-based research takes place in intellectual silos. In part, this is driven by the need to strive for A* and A publications within the ERA framework, although the latest changes in ERA rules have eased this constraint. As well, HOS and School research directors tend to foster and reward research that takes place within their discipline framework. The purpose of this seminar is not to argue against striving for excellence in individual disciplines but to alert BEL researchers about the opportunities available to supplement and expand their research profile through intra-Faculty and multi-disciplinary research. These research opportunities are especially present in applications for category 1 funding, both in Australia and Internationally. The seminar will be organized in three sections: current barriers to intra-Faculty and multi-disciplinary research opportunities for multi-disciplinary research in publications and grant applications strengthening Faculty networks for intra-faculty research.

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John Mangan, Professor in Economics, Faculty of Business, Economics & Law, UQ

Professor Mangan is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland, founding Director of the Centre for Economic Policy Modelling, a principal of Synergies Economic Consultants and the Director of the Economics and Law Research Unit (ELRU). John has a wide area of research interests in economics and is a skilled economic modeller, particularly in Labour market and Industrial economics related issues. He was the inaugural Director of The Labour Market Research Unit within the Queensland Government which dealt with skills development in Queensland. He was an external consultant to the Queensland Jobs Council (1999-2003). He has written a number of papers and reports examining skill related areas.