Workshop Series: John Alford

7 March, 2013 - 10:30 to 12:00
Room 430, Joyce Ackroyd Building 37


Case teaching is a powerful form of interactive teaching. Done well, it is a very effective means of engaging students in discussion, bringing key concepts to life and enhancing understanding of complex ideas. This workshop is designed to (1) introduce academic staff to the case teaching method and (2) refresh how it is used by more experienced case teachers. It will include a demonstration case teaching session and a review of that session, leading into an overview of pedagogic issues. A short case will be distributed in advance of the workshop to those who register.

Professor John Alford, Public Sector Management, Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne

John Alford is Professor of Public Sector Management at the Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, and at ANZSOG. He has taught with cases for over 20 years, and delivered workshops on teaching at the universities in the UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, and 13 universities in Australia. He has also written or supervised over 100 teaching cases set in government organisations. He researches on client-organisation relationships, the political astuteness of public managers, strategy and collaboration in the public sector. His book Engaging Public Sector Clients: From Service-Delivery to Co-Production, won the American Society for Public Administration's Best Book Award for 2011.