Workshop Series: Grace Thye (nee Mui)

7 February, 2014 - 10:30 to 12:00
Joyce Ackroyd (37), room 430


Malaysia, like many countries, faces a shortage of students enrolling in computing undergraduate programs. This paper investigates the impact of technology on female secondary school chidren’s choice of studying information technology (IT) in higher education. Malaysian female secondary school students from various ethnicities participated in a proprietary survey conducted in various cities in both East and West Malaysia. Despite the lack of technological support provided by the schools in terms of functioning computers and access to computers, there is a strong and encouraging trend in the respondents’ interests in wishing to learn more about IT and their intentions to study an IT-related undergraduate degree. The respondents’ perceptions on careers in IT are largely positive – unlike the generally held belief that there are not many available jobs in the industry, and IT is a male-dominated field, difficult and boring. This is the first known Malaysian study that focuses on the perceptions of female indigenous school students towards higher education and careers in IT.

Grace Thye (nee Mui), Thye & Associates, Malaysia

Dr Grace Mui Yanchi is an accountant with a PhD in accounting from the UQ Business School. Her research on auditor expertise in fraud detection and risk management has drawn interest from Big 4 chartered accounting firms, forensic investigators, and professional associations such as the Institute of Internal Auditors, and CPA Australia.

Occasionally, she ventures into the ICT sphere to participate in ICT education projects with fellow UQ PhDs. This current project was funded by the Malaysian government and is of interest to the National ICT Association of Malaysia and the Multimedia Development Corporation.