Workshop Series: Gabriele Suder

2 December, 2011 - 10:30 to 12:00
Room 430 Joyce Ackroyd Building 37


This paper analyses the significance of regional trade agreements (RTA1), most of which are free trade agreements (FTAs) and economic integration in the globalised world. It questions the validity of a universal regionalisation paradigm. In this, a focus is given the examination of international trade integration that the EU pursues with its geographically distant trading partners, and the expansion of RTA strategy from proximity to distance, in the quest for political and economic insidership. The study of current political and economic literature in this field allows us to analyse the role that the EU, and to some extent, Asia, plays in the contemporary regionalization dynamics. In this endeavour, this paper lays a basis to the examination of underlying integration modes and motivations, in that the geographical proximity seems to become less relevant than institutional proximity and soft power considerations do. In this study that interlinks macro-and micro-perspectives, one particular question is whether the current regionalisation phenomenon is possibly driven more by the attempt to reduce the liability of foreignness, and thus, by a spread of economic and political soft power, rather than an objective to work with 'close but possibly very differently structured' neighbouring countries. This analysis thus provides us with an interdisciplinary perspective in the discussion of the role of Europe in an advanced post- crisis globalization, and on the significance of proximity and distance in regionalisation. It aims for debate of all concerned parties, whether researchers or practitioners2, about the relevance of regional integration, its politico-economic motives and their contingency effect on corporate internationalization.

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Gabriele Suder, Professor, SKEMA Business School France-USA-China

Dr Gabriele Suder is currently Jean Monnet Chair and Professor of International Business at SKEMA Business School France- USA- China. Gabriele holds a BA in Economics, Politics, Chinese and Japanese from Würzburg University (1988), a MPhil in Governmental Studies from the University of strathclyde (1989) and PhD in Management from the University of Bath, UK. She is also a graduate of IMD Lausanne’s 2008 ITP program. Gabriele has worked with French and Japanese multinationals in particular in the context of public affairs management in Brussels, and has important corporate and academic work experience across Europe and worldwide. She teaches and advises about « Doing Business in Europe», is a visiting fellow at leading business schools including ANU (ANUCES Fellowship 2011) and the CEMS program, and works also for ESCP Europe, Aalto University and other universities. AT SKEMA, she is also elected member of the Faculty Council. Amongst her innovative pedagogical initiatives, she recently launched the first-ever application of Microsoft’s intra-organisation social network technology, Office 365 worldwide, in collaboration with Microsoft Corp.., as part of her multi-campus online pedagogy. Gabriele is author of numerous books, case studies, media and research articles, appears on national and international radio and TV, and publishes a video series entitled ‘Doing Business in Europe’ on YouTube/DailyMotion and ‘Multicultural Management’ on iTunes. Her main research interests focus on market integration effects, the nexus between regionalisation and internationalisation, and also on the impact of global terrorism on corporate internationalisation. She is Vice-President of WAIB, listed in Who’s Who (Science) since 2006 and Who’s Who (Professionals) since 2010, and has received a number of awards for her publications and pedagogy. In particular, the European Union/EACEA has distinguished her expertise with the attribution of a Jean Monnet Chair that she holds since September 2010.


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