Workshop Series: Fritz Sager

20 February, 2013 - 10:30 to 12:00
Room 430 Joyce Ackroyd Building #37


Policy programs have become a major form of public intervention in the post war area. However, while there is a vast interest in political science in both policy change and policy instrument choice comparatively little and rather scattered work has been done on the action level between the two, i.e. policy programs. The presented research aims at explaining the adoption of policy programs. We used the garbage can model of organizational choice as our theoretical framework and complemented it with the institutional setting of administrative decision making in order to understand the complex causation of policy program adoption. The configurative explanations for program adoption are explored in a systematic comparison of the adoption of new alcohol policy programs in the Swiss member states employing Qualitative Comparative Analysis. The most important conditions are the organizational elements of the administrative structure decisive for the coupling of the streams. The results imply that classic bureaucratic structures are better suited to put policies into practice than limited government.

Professor Fritz Sager, Center of Competence for Public Management, University of Bern, Switzerland "Sorting Through the Garbage Can: Under What Conditions Do Governments Adopt Policy Programs?"

Fritz Sager is professor of political science at the Center of Competence for Public Management at the University of Bern. His research interests involve administrative studies and theory, policy analysis and evaluation, organizational analysis, and Swiss politics. His research has been published in the Public Administration Review, Policy Analysis, Governance, Public Administration, Policy & Politics, Political Studies, West European Politics, the Journal of Urban Affairs, the American Journal of Evaluation, Public Money & Management, Evaluation, and the Swiss Political Science Review among others. In 2010, he won the Marshall E. Dimock Award for the best lead article in the Public Administration Review during the volume year 2009. Sager is currently Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney's Department of Government and International Relations.

The Center of Competence for Public Management (CCPM) at the University of Bern was established in 2002 as an interdisciplinary program located between the faculty of business, economics and social science and the law faculty of the University of Bern. The CCPM is committed to the collaboration among the disciplines of law, management, and political science. The core product of the Center of Competence is the graduate Master program in Public Management and Policy (PMP) and the postgraduate Executive Master in Public Administration (MPA). A second important pillar of the CCPM is basic research in the area of public administration. And, thirdly, services are offered to the public authorities in the form of consultancies, expert opinions, and evaluations.