Workshop Series: David Rooney

22 July, 2011 - 10:00 to 12:00
Room 207 Chamberlain Building (35)


David Rooney will discuss issues surrounding the application of new analytical technologies in research. He will touch on philosophical issues including epistemology, questions about getting published using new research technologies, and consider the roles of researchers' attitudes to risk and imagination. Using examples from his own publications he will focus on Leximancer and talk about using the technology's flexibility and your imagination to develop appropriate analytical designs. He will also introduce the new software package, Disursis, which is designed for analysing conversations and other chronologically sequenced textual data such as email threads and Tweets, and transcripts of interviews and meetings.

Lunch at the Rooftop Cafe after the workshop.

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Dr David Rooney, UQ Business School

David Rooney is Senior Lecturer in Knowledge Management, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland. He has researched, taught and published widely in the areas of the knowledge economy, knowledge management, wisdom, and organizational change. His books include Public Policy in the Knowledge-Based Economy, the Handbook on the Knowledge Economy, Knowledge Policy, and Wisdom and Management in the Knowledge Economy. Rooney has published in many leading academic journals including The Leadership Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Human Relations and Management Communication Quarterly.