Tourism Seminar: Professor Dan Fesenmaier

28 May, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:30
Duhig Tower (2), Room D114

A Conversation with Dan Fesenmaier

Dan Fesenmaier is one of the most highly cited tourism researchers with an h-index of 64 and close to 18000 total citations to his work (

Dan is one of the most innovative tourism research scholars who has made a substantial number of ground-breaking contributions to the field, but also one of the few researchers who has always worked very closely with industry. But the one thing Dan is most proud of is the many PhD students he has supervised during his career. Many of them have become highly respected tourism researchers in their own right.

In this seminar, attendees have the unique opportunity to have a discussion with Dan. Especially HDR students are encouraged to ask him any question relating to their PhD studies, be it methodological, relating to research design or their topic. Also, attendees are encouraged to ask questions about what a PhD is in his eyes, how he supervises students, what the key features were of his best students … and of his worst, what he thinks are the main things HDR students should learn during their PhD, and more.

Professor Dan Fesenmaier

Dr. Daniel Fesenmaier received his Ph.D. in geography from Canada’s University of Western Ontario. He has taught at the University of Oklahoma, Texas A&M University, Indiana University, the University of Illinois and Temple University. Dr. Fesenmaier is author of a number of articles dealing with tourism marketing, advertising evaluation and information technology. He has co-authored a book and a monograph and co-edited five books focusing various aspects of tourism marketing, information technology and development. Dr. Fesenmaier is co-founding editor of Tourism Analysis; past Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Information Technology and Tourism,and is Editor of the Foundations in Tourism Research Series in the Journal of Travel Research. He is a Fellow, International Academy for the Study of Tourism; an adjunct Professor, Modul University – Vienna; and Co-founder, Tourism Education Futures Initiative. Dr. Fesenmaier’s leadership has been recognized whereby he has received many awards for excellence in research and teaching including the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) Lifetime Achievement Award (2013), the Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award (2013), The Michael D. Olsen Research Award from the University of Delaware (2010) and the Medal of Exceptional Scholarly Achievement (CPTHL, 2007).