Tourism Seminar: Dr Eva Podovšovnik

23 March, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00
Sir Llew Edwards (14), room 217

Researching Sport Events and Students' Mobility

Researching sport events is becoming more and more important for a tourist destination. Not just for the event itself but also for the promotion of the destination. When a person comes to attend a sport events, he/she is not just a spectator of the event, especially when talking about big sport events. That person needs to travel to the destination, needs to find accommodation at the destination, needs to eat and also amuse himself/herself at the destination. So the spectator of a sport event has also to be seen as a tourist. In our research we are focusing on this part of the story: researching the potential of sport events spectators in the eyes of the tourism industry.

In another research project we are interested to discover the tourism habits of students that engage in mobility programs, such as Erasmus+. In this case the students are not just passively attending their exchange program, but they have to be researched also as tourists. And not just them. There is a higher potential when regarding at the mobility of young people. When they travel to a new destination, such as during their exchange program, for a period of a semester, they gain a lot of experience. They also invite their family and friends to come and visit them during their exchange period. Our research is focused on discovering the travel motives of students during their exchange program, the potential of inviting their families and friends to come and visit them but also on the possibility to return to the destination in the future, not for study purposes but as tourists.

Dr Eva Podovšovnik

Assistant Professor for Faculty of Tourism Studies, University of Primorska, Slovenia. View Eva's staff profile.