Tourism Seminar: Anita Zehrer

20 February, 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00
General Purpose North (39A), Room 201

Challenges of family firms – backbone of the tourism economy

Family businesses are the most prevalent structure of organizations in the economy in general, and in the tourism industry in particular. Thus, research on family business related matters remain to be an emerging area. A family firm’s characteristic is that it is passed on to the family’s next generation. A key factor in successful intergenerational succession is to preparing members of the succeeding generation to assume, to take on and to accept the leadership role by cultivating their capabilities and knowledge. This includes especially the transfer of knowledge and experiences from the owner/founder to the successor or from one generation to the next. Tourism businesses are largely SMEs and characterized by the dominant influence or bias of the owner-manager on all decisions and/or business activities. These characteristics are often the cause of struggle and business failure. The seminar will reveal challenges of family run SMTEs by presenting research results of the MCI Family Business Center.

Anita Zehrer

Prof. Zehrer’s research interests are on the family-run businesses within the tourism domain.