Think Business Series: Breaking the Cycle of Bias in Funding

21 November, 2018 - 17:15 to 19:30
UQ Brisbane City, Ground Floor, 293 Queen Street, Brisbane, 4000

Join UQ Business School at our Think Business Series to explore 'Breaking the Cycle of Bias in Funding'.

Gaining access to funding is a challenge that all entrepreneurs face when seeking growth. However, male entrepreneurs are known to raise higher levels of funding than their female counterparts. The underlying mechanism for this funding disparity remains contested, so what can female entrepreneurs do to prevent such bias?

Dana Kanze, Doctoral Fellow at Columbia Business School, will discuss research-driven insights on how investors and entrepreneurs can recognise and work to reduce implicit bias.



Guest Speaker

Dana Kanze is a Doctoral Fellow at Columbia Business School researching sources of inequality in entrepreneurship. Dana began her career as an investment banker and strategic consultant before co-founding a venture-funded mobile technology start-up, which she managed for five years.

Dana’s experiences as a female entrepreneur and CEO inspired her to examine gender distinctions among founders and top management team members. Her work has been featured internationally in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, TED and Forbes, among other leading associations. As well as being published in The Academy of Management and The Harvard Business Review, Dana runs training workshops for investors and entrepreneurs.