Think Business: Blockchain for business - demystifying the technology's potential

15 June, 2018 - 07:15 to 09:00
Customs House, The River Room, 399 Queen Street, Brisbane, 4000

Join UQ Business School at our new Think Business Series to explore 'Blockchain for business: demystifying the technology's potential'. 

From its first widespread exposure as Bitcoin's enabling technology, Blockchain has succeeded in catching the imagination of potential users. To some, it is considered as one of the most hyped technologies in recent times.

There are now many existing applications of Blockchain in practice, and numerous planned applications. Yet, while business stands to benefit from Blockchain's features, some may find that it's not the transformative technology they were hoping for. Blockchain's somewhat mysterious status makes it hard for business to determine the transformative power of it for their specific purpose. This event therefore aims to lift some of the mystery.

Our expert speakers will explore successful Blockchain applications, discuss the social, technical, and legal aspects of this exciting technology, and provide insight into where it's heading next. 

Facilitated by Ms Karina Honey, our panel includes Dr Jane Thomason (Abt Associates), Dr David Hyland-Wood (ConsenSys), and Dr Adrian McCullagh (ODMOB Lawyers). 



Our Expert Panel

Dr Jane Thomason, Chief Executive Officer, Abt Associates Australia

Jane is a thought leader in the applications of blockchain technology to solve social problems. Dr Thomason is a Global Ambassador of the British Blockchain Association and the UN Decade of Women named her in the Top 10 Digital Frontier Women. She is an adviser to blockchain startups focussing on solving global problems and is currently working to co-develop blockchain Proof of Concept frameworks (POCs) in developing countries. Education and empowerment of women, and #WomeninBlockchain are her passions. 

Dr David Hyland-Wood, Blockchain Standards Architect, ConsenSys

David is a writer, speaker and researcher based in Brisbane, Australia. He has contributed to the evolution of the World Wide Web since 1999, especially in the formation of standards and technologies for the Semantic Web. David is currently leading international standards development of blockchain technologies at ConsenSys. 

Dr Adrian McCullagh, Legal Advisor, ODMOB Lawyers

Adrian has degrees in Computer Science and Law (Hons) as well as a Ph.D. in IT Security. He has been practicing IT law for over 30 years. Adrian's current research interests include Blockchain and its uses in supply chain management, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, Identity Management and the development of Smart contracts in a commercial environment.  


Panel Facilitator

Karina Honey, UQ Information Technology Services, UQ Business School

Karina has over 15 years of transformational project management and business analysis experience in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. She has held various consulting and IT leadership positions for companies such as Danone Japan, Boeing, Flight Centre, Downer Mining, the ATO, Max Solutions Limited, and The University of Queensland. Karina is undertaking her Ph.D. at UQ Business School, with a focus on Blockchain technology.