Systems Dynamics Seminar

24 August, 2018 - 14:30 to 16:00
Sir Llew Edwards Building (14), room 217

UQ Business School's System Dynamics team invite you to join our upcoming seminar, highlighting how system dynamics is being used to tackle problems in industry and society.

Four exciting speakers will demonstrate their application of system dynamics to address problems across different industries. The demonstrations will address: disease management, hospital management, renewable energy management and coastal resource management. Following the demonstrations, we will host an interactive discussion into how system dynamics could benefit other areas of UQ Business School and beyond.

Please note numbers are limited and if you wish to attend please register by 21 August 2018.

Enquires: Please email Carl Smith or call on (07) 3365 2480 

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Demonstration 1: Tackling the problem of Cryptosporidium outbreaks in South East Queensland.
Speaker: Danielle Currie

Cryptosporidium is an infectious disease that causes periodic outbreaks of vomiting and diarrhoea in South East Queensland. Queensland Health have been implementing strategies to manage the disease, however regular outbreaks still occur. Danielle will explain how she has used system dynamics in collaboration with Queensland Health to address the Cryptosporidium outbreak problem and design strategies for managing the disease.

Demonstration 2: Tackling the problem of patient backlogs and operating efficiency in Queensland hospitals.
Speaker: Dr Sue McAvoy

Many emergency departments within Queensland hospitals are struggling to meet the growing demand for their services. Delays in ED throughput and ambulance ramping commonly occur and can negatively impact the patient experience. ED’s are also under pressure to find operating efficiencies whilst improving patient care. Sue will explain how she has used system dynamics in collaboration with the Mater Hospital to model the patient flow dynamics of the wider ED system to build a virtual platform for testing interventions and to provide resource and flow insights capable of guiding strategy.

Demonstration 3:  Tackling the problem of residential solar energy integration into the Queensland electricity grid.
Speaker: Dr Scott Agnew

Queensland has seen a rapid uptake of solar energy in the residential market over the last decade. Despite the benefits, particularly low emission electricity generation, solar uptake has created problems. These include power quality, increased electricity prices and negative social-equity outcomes. Battery storage is the next disruptive technology on the horizon for Queensland’s electricity grid. Scott will explain how he has used system dynamics in collaboration with energy industry stakeholders to better understand the disruptive dynamics caused by residential solar and battery storage and to help evaluate policy approaches to achieve more effective integration of solar and battery storage into the electricity grid.

Demonstration 4: Tackling the problem of fish catch decline in communities within Indonesia and the Philippines.
Speaker: Dr Russell Richards

Many communities within Island nations around the world are dependent on coastal resources for their food, industry and livelihoods. Fishing is one major food and livelihood source, however coastal communities within our neighbouring countries (Indonesia and the Philippines) are experiencing rapid declines in fish catch, resulting in food insecurity and loss of income. Russell will explain how he has used system dynamics in collaboration with communities in Indonesia and the Philippines to address the problem of fish catch decline and to delivery decision support via the use of App technology.