Strategy Cluster Seminar: David Oliver

13 October, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00
Joyce Ackroyd (37), Room 430

The success of some new product development (NPD) teams (e.g. skunkworks) often rests on nurturing an identity that is at odds with the firm's identity, which may hamper reintegration of employees post-project. To address this dynamic, we present a model of cross-level identity switching in autonomous NPD teams, theorizing three stages of identity switching for members identification with the team, de-identification with the focal firm, and re-identification with the focal firm upon project conclusion. We then discuss our model in light of dynamics observed during a 35-month longitudinal case study of an international consumer products company that formed such a team to innovate in the technology sector. Our paper provides important micro-foundations color to the identity-based view of competitive advantage.

David Oliver