Research Workshops: Mats Alvesson and Jorgen Sandberg

18 March, 2014 - 09:00 to 16:00
Boardroom, Level 4 Joyce Ackroyd Bulding #37, St Lucia

This one day workshop is only available to UQ Business School staff.

Aim and background

The increased use of research assessment reviews in many countries (e.g., REF/RAE in the UK, and ERA in Australia) and of designated journal lists for evaluating research performance have significantly intensified the demand to publish regularly – ideally in top-tier journals. But despite a huge increase in the number of management articles published during the three last decades, there is a serious shortage of high-impact research in management studies. There are many incremental contributions but very few novel ideas and interesting contributions. In fact, there is a growing feeling within the academic community that never have so many worked so hard and published so much, to so little effect.

The overall purpose of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to develop our research capacity in terms of idea generation and further enhance the research performance within UQBS. More specifically, the aim of the workshop is to improve our ability to develop more interesting, influential and citable research ideas and, thus, to increase the chances of getting published in top-tier journals in our field. An important part of the workshop is to actively work with our own research, trying to make it more interesting and influential. The main focus in the workshop, therefore, is how to develop interesting ideas and research questions, rather than specific techniques for writing journal articles.

The workshop is offered exclusively to UQBS staff and is limited to 12 participants. All UQBS staff from level B to level E are eligible to participate in the workshop. Research courses are provided for staff at level A, who are mostly completing a PhD, within UQBS’s PhD program.

Each participant will receive a book of readings and a copy of Jörgen and Mats’ book Constructing research questions: Doing interesting research, Sage, 2013.

For any further information about the workshop, please contact Jörgen Sandberg:

Professor Mats Alvesson & Professor Jörgen Sandberg