Public Lecture Series: Professor Mats Alvesson

6 March, 2017 - 17:15 to 19:30
UQ Business School Executive Venue, Level 19, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000

Event overview:
Leadership is typically seen as vital and sometimes used as a panacea for all problems in organisations. But few managers can live up all the hype and exaggerated expectations now in vogue.

Often managers buying into ideas of great leadership encounter a clash between ideals and practice. Seldom the leader functions as the star surrounded by small planets in an organisational solar system, even though this is a nice fantasy for managers and leadership developers. Often operative management and administration tasks take over from visionary, charismatic, strategic leadership. Often subordinates are not devoted followers. Sometimes leadership efforts don’t lead to positive reception. Good leadership is realistic.

Well-functioning organisations are a mix of vertical and horizontal modes of organising. The talk suggests that managers and others work with a mix of modes: leadership, management, power, teams, network resources and autonomy. The good combination of modes of organising calls for careful reflection of both managers and subordinates in order to agree upon and accomplish effective combinations of organising principles. What works and what do we need? More or less or different leadership? More or less autonomy? Different use of network resources (personal and professional networks) for support, dialogues, advice-giving etc? Space for more autonomy? Different types of group work.

The talk offers a model for thinking cleverly about organisations and for reflexive leadership and organising. The talk is based on the presenter’s just published book: Reflexive Leadership: Organising in an Imperfect World. Sage 2017 (with Martin Blom & Stefan Sveningsson)

About the author:
Professor Mats Alvesson's books - The Stupidity Paradox and Reflexive Leadership - have been profiled in esteemed world media including Le Monde, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Notably, The Australia Financial Review featured an article on Professor Alvesson's The Stupidity Paradox. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull even had it book on his personal reading list for Christmas.

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Professor Mats Alvesson - Lund University & UQ Business School