Public Lecture with Neale O'Connor

20 June, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00
Sir Llew Edwards Building (14), 132

Event Overview:
There is much talk about the digitalization of the supply chain and the disruption of the space between the customer and the manufacturer, but less is discussed about the catalysts for innovation that are necessary to drive China’s manufacturing forward. Following a brief review of 4-part innovation framework, Professor O’Connor will describe the challenges faced by suppliers recently interviewed and the factories Professor O’Connor recently visited. Next, Professor O’Connor will draw upon interviews (for a forthcoming KPMG Report on the future of sourcing) on the role of the brand names and consultants in driving innovation and the challenges faced by hardware start-ups in working with factories.

Professor O′Connor will integrate his experience in the field based on 1000 interviews with Chinese manufacturers with recent data gained from over 20 factory visits in the region during the past 12 months. The talk will be interactive and will use multimedia incorporating videos of innovative factories (and factories to avoid) as well as case studies of recent start-ups and their prototyping challenges.

Associate Professor Neale O'Connor

Associate Professor Neale O'Connor currently works at Hong Kong Baptist University teaching Management Planning and Control Systems as well as International Accounting. For more details on speaker please see his Linkedin Profile.