Marketing Seminar: Jenna Drenton

17 November, 2017 - 10:30 to 12:00
Forgan Smith Building (1), W431

Body Idealization, Consumer Surveillance, and Social Media

Existing research on body image and traditional marketing media fails to account for today’s increasingly social media driven landscape. For this presentation, Jenna will discuss work he has been doing with Lauren Gurrieri (RMIT University) to explore how body image trends evolve in the social media marketplace and to examine the power of social media in shaping body image ideals. Specifically, this study draws on a theoretical framework of surveillance to understand the process by which women’s body parts (e.g., arms, legs, chest) become culturally propagated and contested through social media hashtagging. That is, how are consumers of social media engaging in complex forms of surveillance when participating in selfie driven social media interactions about their bodies? And how does this promote particular ideologies of the body that shape gender norms and expectations? Using data from Instagram, a popular image-based social media site, Jenna will discuss how consumers adopt compliance-oriented and resistance-oriented approaches to body idealization through global online body challenges. into an online body image trend. Findings reveal the emerging role of social media in presenting, propagating, perpetuating, and pirating body image ideals.

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Jenna Drenton

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