Marketing Cluster Seminar: Valentyna Melnyk

18 April, 2016 - 12:00 to 13:30
Joyce Ackroyd Building 37, Room 430

Abstract:The field of Consumer Research has evolved significantly over the past few years. Many of the changes are in response to the issues of validity and relevance's of Consumer Research. The goal of this presentation is to summarize emerging trends in Consumer Research both in terms of context (emerging topics) and methodologies that are likely to enhance "publishability" in this field.

Valentyna Melnyk, University of New Zealand.

Professor Valentyna Melnyk received her PhD from Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and previously served as an Assistant Professor at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. Her current research interests include consumer behaviour, cross-cultural marketing, emotions, branding, and advertising. Her work has been published in several leading journals including Journal of Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Marketing Letters and Journal of Business Research. She was nominated for the Donald R. Lehmann Award for the best dissertation-based research paper published in Journal of Marketing or Journal of Marketing Research.