Marketing Cluster Seminar: Dr Christine Eckert

2 November, 2016 - 10:30 to 12:00
Joyce Ackroyd, Room 430

We propose a model to determine the impact of confirmation bias, i.e. the interpretation of evidence in ways that are partial to existing beliefs or expectations, on willingness to pay. Using data from a discrete choice experiment, we test how consumers may use an iterative process of Bayesian updating with limited memory that leads them to judge a financial advisor giving a series of financial advice not only based on the objective quality of his advice, but also on the interaction of quality and perceived difficulty. Our model is able to include variables such as sociodemographics and can thus provide valuable insights into which consumer segments are more susceptible to polarization.

Dr Christine Eckert

Dr. Christine Eckert is a Senior Lecturer in the Marketing Discipline Group at University of Technology Sydney. Christine’s primary research interest falls into the field of quantitative modelling, with a particular interest in the choices made by market participants, defined broadly. She has researched on this topic across different disciplinary issues: such as the financial decision making of consumers, strategic governance decisions of innovation speaking companies, and corporate and consumer social responsibility.

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