Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects and Sustainable Development

7 November, 2017 - 09:30 to 14:00
Room 208, Building 39A

The Indian government’s approach to CSR is unique in its conception and implementation. Companies now have to spend 2% of their average profit on projects that would significantly improve the quality of life and bring development to communities. This study aims to analyse the potential implications of the mandated CSR on firms and communities in India. We look at 1) Government of India’s discourse around CSR, 2) Regional governments’ approach to and appropriation of the CSR mandate and their potential for bringing sustainable development to communities. Building on interviews of 70+ CSR managers and in-depth case study of a public sector mining company, we investigate the role of various actors and in particular the role of state and central governments in implementing the CSR projects in India. Our findings problematize the linear thinking around CSR and development as well as rise of new institutions like state level CSR committees and District Mineral Funds (DMF).The findings will have significant practical and policy implications, as they can assist policymakers and managers to better understand the role of government in achieving sustainable development through CSR projects in India.

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Dr Subhasis Ray
Professor of Marketing & Sustainability
Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)
Xavier University, India

Prior to joining academia, he has worked with leading multi-national corporations including BP, Tata and Hilti in strategy and business development roles. He is also the Founder-Director of the Centre for Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CRRCSR) at XIMB. The Centre, over the last 10 years, has worked with leading Indian and multi-national power, steel and mining companies as well as international agencies like DFID, UNDP and IISD. Dr. Ray’s teaching & research interest revolve around marketing, CSR, social entrepreneurship and sustainability. He has been an invited panellist at Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale University among others. He has taught Masters level courses in Japan, Russia, Peru and Finland and addressed students of more than 35 nationalities across 21 countries. His recent research include guest editing a special issue of Philosophy of Management, an edited volume on ‘CSR Implementation- Indian Perspectives (Springer, 2014), article in Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management and forthcoming articles in Journal of Business Research and Journal of Non-profit and Public Sector Marketing. His ongoing research includes a) ‘Giving Voice to Values’ and b) exploring the marketing, social responsibility and sustainability aspects of social enterprises in India and Russia.