Finance Brown Bag Seminar: Natalya Zelenyuk

9 May, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:00
Joyce Ackroyd (37), Room 430
Natalya Zelenyuk

Natalya is a PhD Student in Finance at the UQ Business School. 

Natalya is currently working on her thesis in the area of Performance in Banking. Her first essay explaining the effects of the recent regulatory reforms on intermediation growth has been awarded SIRCA Best Paper prize at the 28th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference. In addition, Natalya is a recipient of FIRN 2016 and AFA 2017 travel grants.

Natalya teaches FINM 2400 Managerial Finance, and was well evaluated by the students as an inspiring to learn, clearly explaining the material instructor.

Natalya’s research interests focus on Banking and on interaction of Asset Pricing with Corporate Finance.

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