Energy Reform in Indonesia: One Year After New Government

13 October, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
Room 102, Frank White Building (43)

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law invites you to a lecture to be presented by Dr Agung Wicaksono, M.Sc., MBA.
Joko Widodo was sworn in as Indonesian President in October 2014 with reforming the energy sector as one of his campaign promises. The burden of energy subsidy, battling the rent-seekers in the fuel supply chain and meeting up electricity surging demands are among the main challenges. Therefore, it was imperative for him to equip the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources -being bogged down by political interests for long- with competent professionals at the helm of leadership.

Restoring credibility, accelerating infrastructure and mainstreaming the role of renewables are the main themes to be discussed. Indonesia and Australia share similarities on the dominant roles of energy and mining sector in their economy, especially with the dominant roles of coal for power generation and natural gas for state income. Being an academia recruited to help the ministry's leadership in shaping up the organisation and gearing up toward priority agenda, the speaker will share the progress of reform agenda undertaken by Indonesia one year after the new government.

Laura Hassett BEL International

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Dr Agung Wicaksono, M.Sc., MBA